What a Weekend

It was an absolutely amazing weekend.  Meeting up with friends and family for Philip and Victoria's wedding.

The wedding, ceremony, and well, everything was wonderful and beautiful.  It was great to finally get to meet Victoria, I had heard nothing but great things about her, and I have to say, they all seem to be right!

Congratulations Philip and Victoria!

Also, this weekend, I finally got to meet Hannah, 3 years after she was born to my cousin Ann.  I have a lot of photos of her, thanks to my aunt and Ann, but now I finally met this beautiful little girl.  Yes, I did take a few photos with her in them... and by few, I mean a lot.

I know I didn't post any photos on Friday, I was busy trying to get to Montreal, but I did take several hundred photos of the wedding and family, so I will make sure some get posted this coming Friday.

Health-wise:  Breathing is pretty good, but my back/side did not get better over the weekend, and were worsened by the moving of the luggage and flights back.  Planning on taking it easy the next few days and letting the back heal up while I go though all the photos I took.


To Montreal

On my way to Montreal. Today started great! Flight on time leaving Charlotte, and upon arrival found my transfer gate right across the hallway. Great, minimal hiking around the airport.

Then a turn of fortune. My flight to Montreal - cancelled. Could not get on the later flight my sister was on. Being rerouted through New York City to Montreal to arrive five hours later than planned. Aaargh!

As I watch the people at the airport, I am noticing very few 'happy' people. Most people just look forlorn or dejected. Few just look like they are here for a purpose and that is all. Overhearing many conversations there is a feeling of hopelessness as flights are delayed, cancelled, or moved all over the place. People are afraid to say anything for fear of being arrested or kicked off of the next flight. People feel they have to just accept whatever the airlines dictate, no matter how bad it may be for them. I feel lucky right now that it looks as though I will make it to Montreal tonight. Many 'passengers' are not as lucky and will not be making their planned/booked destination anytime soon.

Made it to Montreal only five hours later than planned, four of which I was sitting on the tarmac.

Through the serendipity of life, my sister's flights were delayed and we ended up in Montreal about the same time and we just continued on as originally planned, just later.

Health-wise:  Breathing is fine, and I'm feeling good.  After the day of flights and moving my luggage, I pulled something in my left side/back.  Hopefully it clears up tonight.

Night Before

It's the night before me boarding a plane and going to Montreal. Yes, you betcha, I'm excited. One, I'm hyped about visiting and seeing family I don't get to see or talk to much. Also, I just love travelling and this is just a little scratch for that continous itch. Finally, it is a trip to Canada. I find it so recharging to touch Canadian soil from time to time. More so the longer I live elsewhere.

Ran last minute/second errands today. Picked up the lens I'm renting from Bigg's Camera. This is a great experiment of the renting process and playing with a new lens for a week.

Spoke with dad today. He is doing great. I think he may be pushing himself a bit much, but it's great how well he is doing.

Health-wise: I'm a little sore from the massage yesterday, but feeling great. This morning started rough, but breathing improved as the day went on.


Absent Minded

Wow, I had fully intended to write this last night, but as I went about my nightly routine it completely slipped my mind.

Anyway, I had a great day hanging out with Mistress LunaSea, and the household. Ran errands for the trip to Montreal this weekend. I'm almost ready for the trip.

While I was doing a couple of loads of laundry, I took part of the John Greengo lighting course on Creative Live. It was absolutely amazing. It got me rethinking about my lighting setup. What do I need, really?

After the class wuggie gave me an amazing back/chair massage. Tension from my back, neck and shoulders melted away. I really hope his thearaputic massage business, Mending Hands Massage takes off for him. He is really passionate and good.

Dad is now resting at home and doing well. Now, all he has to do is learn how to slow down a little and let himself heal.

Health-wise: Today was a good day, with the exception of a weird feeling after dinner.


Day Off

Today I just noticed last night's post didn't get posted, it was only saved as a draft.  I just posted it.  Mental note:  I've done this a couple of times now, I need to double check on the results of posting.

Today I was just feeling, 'off'.  Nothing wrong, just me being drained and 'off'.  I napped this afternoon with my kitty napping on me.

I have started getting things ready for my weekend trip to see my cousin get married in Montreal.  More will get done tomorrow.

I've prepped the coffee for morning and will be heading to bed shortly.  Tomorrow is going to be a busy day and I will have a lot of things to get accomplished.

Dad is doing even better today.  He should be heading home in the next day or two.

Health-wise:  Today I was just feeling drained and tired.  Not really sure why.  Breathing was ok.



Had a pleasant weekend, enjoyed time on my own just relaxing.

Spent some time running errands for a friend in hospital.  I found it really weird that when I mentioned this to people, almost all of them responded with "You are a really good friend for doing that." or something similar.  I don't understand that reaction.  It was the right thing to do, and it was nothing special to help out a friend.  Why do people think it was something special to help a friend?  Have friendships deteriorated so much in today's society that helping, or doing something that is the right thing to do become exceedingly noteworthy?

Went to a friend's house and it looks like I may end up playing D&D again, the first time in many many years.

Dad is doing much better and all systems are improving.

Picked up Mistress LunaSea from the airport upon Her return from the left coast.  It was great to hear how much fun they had.

Health-wise:  All is going well.


Photo Friday

It is another Photo Friday again.  My mind has been on a lot this week and it has passed pretty quickly.

Today was a much better start than yesterday.  I went out and saw The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  I absolutely loved the movie.  It was in Swedish with subtitles, but I hardly noticed.  This is a type of film I can only wish Hollywood would make these days.

Dad got moved to be near the window!  This is a great thing, it makes the room feel a little bigger for him.  He had his epidural removed today and is in a bit more discomfort today than yesterday.  His fever has not broken yet, so they changed up the antibiotics.  Today seems to be the day some concerns became known. His blood levels are lower and his breathing more labored.  I feel these are possibly related and when combined with the fever may mean a lung infection.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring good news and him feeling better than today.

Well, this being Photo Friday, I will post a photo I took recently.  Last week Vapour started acting up near the patio door, so I went to take a look to see what got his attention.  It was another deer!  This time not in the woods, but on the mowed grass grazing.

Health-wise:  Today was a good day.  A little congestion to start the day, but that passed quickly.  Good energy, breathing and strength.


Looking Forward

Today was just a weird, maybe 'off' day for me.  I woke up a few minutes before my alarm.  It felt that I was mid-aspiration and congested.  It was a very weird feeling, one I have not had in a long time.  It is not pleasant waking to the taste of acid in your throat and mouth, especially while congested.

I got up and started my day as most others, my meds and coffee.  But the congestion lasted much longer than normal. It did not really go away today, it just lessened.

I called up to the hospital today, and got to speak with dad.  He is doing well.  He is able to be up and walking today which is great news.  However, he is still on the epidural, and it will be interesting to see how he does and how everything goes once that is removed in the next day (or so).  It was good to here, from him, how he is doing.  I think he will be recovering a little longer than he has in mind (based on my personal experience), but I think he will do well with it.  He does have really good support with Claudette, and I am grateful that she is there and able to do all she does.

Considering today was a bit of a wash, I am looking forward to a good night of sleep and getting a few things done this weekend (actually starting tomorrow).  I think I will see the movie, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, tomorrow afternoon.  I am also wanting to get some photos edited and finalized this weekend.  I am also planning on getting out and do a 'photowalk' somewhere this weekend, either a neighbourhood, or park here in Charlotte.

After playing with the iPad in the store, just to see what it was like, I realized that I really do want to get one!  It has now been added to my personal list of things to buy.  It is lower on the list than several other things, such as my website hosting, a new wide angle lens, new coffee pot, another portable hard drive, etc.  Maybe next year will be more realistic for an iPad purchase, maybe the next-gen version.

Health-wise:  Today was just messed up.  Body wise, I felt pretty good, minimal aches and pains.  My left leg (knee/groin/hip) felt normal for the first time this year.  Congestion was present from this morning and has only lessened as the day passed.  Hopefully all will be better tomorrow.


Early Night

It's Wednesday, and it's been a long day.  I did not get any sleep last night.  I stayed up and called home early, hoping to talk to dad before he went to the hospital.  It was not meant to be, apparently they left for the hospital about five minutes before I called.

I went about today, as normally as I could, yet constantly having my mind and thoughts on dad and his surgery.  I was in contact with my sister regularly, each of us wondering if the other had heard any news.  I ended up calling the hospital and found out that dad just made it up to his room.  I spoke with Claudette and got the news that as far as she knew at the time everything went well.

Later we found out that there were some complications but were handled promptly and should not cause any trouble.  Dad is doing fairly well and resting comfortably tonight.  He will be very happy to learn that his favorite hockey team, the Montreal Canadians, beat the defending Cup-Champs, the Pittsburg Penguins in game seven in commanding style.

I did take part in my online class today and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The FREE class by John Greengo at Creative Live has been amazing.  I am looking forward to next week's class and future classes from this great site/service!

Went and saw the matinee movie showing of Iron Man 2 with Wuggie.  Enjoyed the movie, but realized that I am really starting to hate that movies are having scenes in the ads/trailers that are not in the movie.

I am going to bed early tonight, and hopefully will be well rested tomorrow.

Health-wise:  Tired today from lack of sleep last night, caused by stress/worry over dad.  Mild congestion this morning, other than that all was good.

It's Tuesday - Really

Today is Tuesday. Seriously. Had some good conversations with a couple of my Canadian friends online today. Went out with Wuggie for dinner and fun tonight. Good times.

Found out that Dad goes in for surgery at 8am (NST) or about 6:30am, my time. I feel horrible that I didn't get around to call him tonight, but once I got around to calling, it was really late his time. With him having to get up so early, I did not want to risk waking him.

Chatted with my sister, she is stressing over this more than she tried to let on a week ago. I'm very concerned. I'm used to being the sick one, having to be waiting and hoping for the best while not able to do anything really SUCKS! This makes me realize how much my family and close friends have gone through with me.

I tried to get to sleep earlier, but I can't sleep. I am going to stay up and call dad before he leaves for the hospital, about 4:15 am my time.

Health-wise: Congested this morning, but it cleared up by lunchtime after I finished breakfast and a pot of coffee. Left leg is feeling better since I've stopped wearing the cowboy boots and their heels.


Non Day

It was a good weekend.  I hung out with the household as Mistress LunaSea and shannon prepped for their west coast trip.

Found out some good news about my camera.  The problem I am having with the wide angle lens not 'talking to' my camera is a problem with the lens and not the camera itself.  This is great news!

Now today, not much on the go.  Hung out online chatting with a friend for part of the day.  Got a phone call from Mistress LunaSea (from the west coast) wondering if I could add stuff to the DomCon LA website.  Can I, yes.  However there is no where designated for it and the page that should be used, has been replaced with a place holder page.  I'm guessing someone else was updating it.  All of this for a website on an event that starts in less than 3 days!  This is crazy, all of this stuff should have been done and online weeks ago.  There are just too many cooks and little direction on the website.  This irritates me, because with anything I work on, I want to do a great job and create a great final product.  This is just not possible with this now.

Health-wise:  Today was good.  Just a little tired this afternoon, so I took a nap.


Very Late Photo Friday (Sorry Saturday?)

Today was interesting to say the least.  I got together with the household and I got my nails manicured.  Very good timing considering I broke a nail last night.

Ran by my favorite local camera store, Biggs Camera, and had a quick test done on my camera.  Good news, it seems that my wide-angle lens has the problem, not my camera.  That is a much lesser expense to have remedied.  (I'm starting to look for and price a good quality (ultra)wide-angle lens.)  For Philip's wedding, in two weeks, I decided I would rent a lens to be able to get some good shots.  This is also a way for my to test out a quality lens for posible future purchase.

Went with a friend to check on another friend who was supposed to have some medical procedures done today.  Upon getting there, we found out all the procedures got cancelled and there is no explanation as to why.  This friend has had a long battle with worker's comp to be able to get any type of treatment and is now suffering greatly because of the apparent ineptitude, and politics of a system supposed to help out the workers.

Anyways,  I was looking over photos from the past few years and really enjoyed going over the shots I took while in Ireland.  Here is one of Kylemore Abby.

Health-wise:  A good day, as usual it started with a little congestion which passed after my morning coffee.  My left leg issues seem to be lessening now that I have stopped wearing the cowboy boots and have started wearing my Doc Marten's again.  Hmmm.


What is Next

Today was pretty much another pretty common day for me.  Up with the alarm and an enjoyable pot of coffee.

Ran out and grabbed a late brunch sandwich from Bruegger's Bagel.  I call it my 1000-calorie breakfast bagel.  (Double bacon, egg, cheddar cheese, regular plain cream cheese on a toasted bagel (today it was an everything bagel). )

Afterwards I ran a couple of errands, and came home.

I think I need to somehow refocus myself and try to get back on track an accomplish a number of my personal goals.  Lately I just don't seem to be able to focus on getting things done.  I'm here wondering if it is just the result of me having a lot on my mind and the overwhelming sense of change coming.

I am not in fear of the change, actually I think I'm looking forward to it, whatever it actually is.  I have no idea if it is a good or bad change coming, I just know that a change is coming and it involves me.

Health-wise:  A good day.  A little congestion when I woke up, but as usual it passed by the time I finished my coffee.  I have noticed my appetite is decreased again, and I really need to stay focused on eating, otherwise I just don't eat.  I stopped wearing my cowboy boots today just to see if the heals are affecting my knee/groin on my left leg, which is a possibility according to WebMD.


Learning and Headaches

Today started out relatively well as I enjoyed a good pot of coffee.  I was looking forward to today's class with John Greengo on CreativeLIVE all about exposure.  It was a great class!

After the class/webinar, I developed a serious headache.  It was bad enough that I shut down everything and took a nap to overcome the throbbing pain.

Upon waking, several hours later, I found Vapour asleep on my legs.  Apparently he decided to take a nap as well.  I got up and grabbed a light dinner.  I ended up calling a friend of mine in Ontario for a conversation tonight.  I hadn't been talking with her in quite some time.  It was great catching up with her and hearing about her new boyfriend.

Health-wise:  Light congestion today, and developed a serious headache this afternoon.  Even after the nap, I am still tired tonight.


Fun Day

Today was a lot of fun.  It started relatively early, with me grabbing a fresh pot of coffee and enjoying it while Vapour curled up in my lap.  Then a brunch with Mistress LunaSea turned into an all afternoon errand running excursion.  It was a great time and fun conversation.

That lead into spending time with the household and then helping edit some homework Mistress LunaSea had completed.  As I was preparing to leave, we all ended up playing with the new kittens.  Wow, the runt was very adorable and just loved playing with my hand and fingers.  All four kittens are just too cute for words.  I'll have to bring my camera back then and do a kitten photo shoot.

Getting home MUCH later than I had planned, I'm enjoying Stan's streaming radio show, Musical Conversation.  It is a great listen starting at 9PM (EST) and going until either the listeners (or Stan) 'drops off'...  It's not almost 1:30am and it's still going strong!

Health-wise:  Today was a great day!  Good energy, good breathing.  Just some random coughing while walking around with Mistress LunaSea which always passed quickly after a couple of coughs.


Life Continues

This was a decent weekend.  I took it easy this weekend and rested and relaxed.  I got together with friends and had a bonfire for Beltane.  I also enjoyed a night of drinks with Mistress LunaSea and the household.

Good news!  I now have health coverage through Medicare!  It started on May 1!

Today I enjoyed listening to the rain and catching up on a few things on the computer.

I'm looking forward to my webinar tomorrow with Art Wolfe about The Creative Eye.  Tomorrow is the last of the three weeks Art has presented.  It has been very fascinating and inspiring.

Health-wise: Saturday, during the day I felt like I was fighting getting the flu, but after dinner it passed and I was feeling good by the time I was to leave for the bonfire.  Just a little congestion in the mornings which passes after meds and coffee.


Photo Friday (A Little Late)

I went out with some friends last night for food, and then ended up getting 'kidnapped' to go watch some live music.  It was a lot of fun and some really good music and conversation.

Went out running errands today and got a tarot reading from a very talented witch here in Charlotte.  I always find it interesting on how accurate/detailed her readings can be.

Anyways,  I have been a little slow lately on getting new photos edited, so I decided to show a photo from my past.  This photo was taken by a friend of mine, of me, with the first digital camera I owned.  This was the first image taken with that camera.

Me, circa 2002

Health-wise:  A pretty good day, no remnants from yesterday.  A little tired from lack of sleep the other night, but not too bad.


Thursday Night Post

Last night was rough.  Heavy congestion and aspiration.  Lots of coughing and little sleep.

Today, well, started very slow.  But after some extra breathing exercises, more coughing and a good pot of coffee, all seemed to be getting better.

I took the afternoon away from the computer, and randomly catnapped, catching up on some sleep missed last night.  I was also waiting for Shannon to contact me about designing/working on her website.  She did not get in contact with me.  Oh well.

I'm finding, recently, a lot of little things (and not so little things) are making me quite annoyed and irritated.  I'm also sensing a change coming, not really sure what, but a change.  I'm hoping it will be good.

Health-wise:  Lots of congestion last night and this morning which was over come.  Extra napping today to catch up on missed sleep.


Just Another Day

As it says, today was just another day.  After not getting to sleep until about 4am, I woke up to a nice pot of coffee brewing.  I didn't get to sleep until so late because I was wired on sugar and caffeine (coders diet) after working on DomCon LA's website until just after 2am.

Today after the slow start, watched another great webinar on CreativeLIVE.  This one was with all about the differences between Full Frame and APS D-SLR cameras.  Great information!

Afterwards, I ran to get my meds for the month, and was surprised by a call from by best friend from back home!  It was great hearing from him.  Then an enjoyable solo dinner at Saigon Palace for some some good Pho soup.

Health-wise:  Good, no annoyances today.


Oops!  I forgot to post last night!  Well, here is a quicky post...

I had a very good weekend, and felt great.  It was good to hang out with the household and to get together with them just for the fun of it and enjoy doing stuff together.  This is stuff that is just fun to do, and not on anyone's schedule or list of things that have to get done.  Yay fun times!

Today was busy busy busy.  I spent the day working on fixing/cleaning up the photo galleries on the DomCon LA website.  A lot of organization, converting, resizing, and then coding...  It's done now and looks pretty good.

Health-wise:  Good day, and overall good weekend too.


Photo Friday

Interesting day today.  It seems as tho my appetite has come back.  I was hungry most of the day.  It seemed that I was constantly 'grazing' and going back and forth to the kitchen for food.  Hopefully this will continue.

I was having an IM chat with Mistress LunaSea just a little while ago.  She asked me what I did all day, and my initial thought was 'not much'.  Then I started listing what I accomplished.  I played with my camera and fixed my shutter issue.  I did online research for a friend.  I worked on some photos and played online.  Also, I found time and napped.  Not a bad day really.

Considering it is Photo Friday, here is a photo that I took:

Red All Over @ The Evening Muse

Health-wise:  Today was a good day, breathing was good and I felt fine.  Late this afternoon, I got very tired.  It was nothing a quick nap couldn't fix.


Semi-Busy Erranding

Today started slowly, I woke much later than I wanted.  It seems I forgot to turn my alarm on last night.  Oh well.  Once up, I printed coupons, clipped them and finalized some lists.

Groceries.  Check.  Over the counter meds.  Check.  Grease/oil/filter. Check.  Light bulbs. Check.

Now what was I forgetting?  Oh, yeah, check on the camera and work on choosing photos for my portfolio.  That is now on the lists for tomorrow.

Health-wise:  Today was a good day.  Breathing, energy, and physically I was feeling good.


3rd Wednesday

Today is the 3rd Wednesday of the month.  The day I receive my cheque and the day I end up spending the vast majority of it.  After rent, bills, and taking out a little cash and money for groceries it all goes quickly.  At the end of the day, I usually have about 1/4 of the cheque left in the bank to cover some latter month expenses.  And starting next month, my medicare co-pay starts coming out, leaving a little less in the bank after the monthly bills are paid, but will minimize some of my monthly medical bills.  Right now I'm thinking it will balance out, and in a worse case scenario really reduce a hospital bill (if/when I need that again).

I hate that I forgot to post the blog post last night, I left it in 'draft'.  Need to double check that before I go to bed now.

Health-wise:  Today was a pretty good day, little sleep last night, but caught up on some sleep today with an afternoon nap.  I have a deep 'rattle' in my chest today.  I'll pick up something to deal with that tomorrow when I pick up my meds.


Silent Memory

It was 15 years ago today that mom died.  I stayed low-key and quiet for most of today, remembering and thinking.

Also today, I received an email from dad letting me know when his surgery will take place.  It is before Philip's wedding next month, but he won't be able to make that trip.

Health-wise:  Left eye continues to water in the morning and at night.  It seems to be in relation to the amount of pollen in the air.  I have to mention it to the doc.  Other than that, all seems good.

Wuggie's Birthday

This was a fun weekend.  Took it easy and just enjoyed the day on Saturday, and on Sunday, I took wuggie to the Charlotte Gun Show as part of his birthday gift.  It was his first gun show, and this was quite the show.  Multiple buildings and a huge range of weapons and people.  He told me he really enjoyed it, and he (like me) was impressed and learned a lot...  and learned that there was even more that he (and I) have no idea about.

Today was his actual birthday.  Happy Birthday wuggie!  I rested and napped today, getting ready for a potentially eventful night.

I was disappointed in the COPD Webinar I joined, but it would have been good for someone who just got diagnosed with COPD.

Tonight, Mistress LunaSea took the family out to celebrate wuggie's birthday.  Steaks at Outback and a late viewing of the Kick Ass movie.  A great time was had by all and it was a lot of fun.

Health-wise:  Good weekend, today my left eye has been watering and is pink tonight.  I'll be keeping an watch on that.  I seem to have an extra rattle in my chest tonight, something else I'll be watching.  


Photo Friday (Off Day)

Today definitely falls into the category of an 'off day' for me.  I woke, much like yesterday, with some congestion and a hard cough.  Thankfully, that cleared up and eased after my meds, caffeine, and brunch.  With plans of finishing some photo edits and going out tonight to see some live music I was pretty happy.  That is when I started to ache, have some body pains and a splitting headache.  Some pain killers later, I lay down to nap and let the meds do their thing.

I napped for about 4 hrs!  This is longer than I usually sleep at night without interruption.  But still just feeling 'off' this after that, I decided to grab a bite to eat and cancel all plans for tonight.

Anyway, this is Photo Friday (I remembered this week!) and I am posting a couple of photos from The Choke and Babyshaker from last Saturday night.

Heath-wise:  Congestion and cough in the morning, which cleared up.  Body pain and headache this afternoon.   I am concerned about not eating much.  I have minimal appetite and when I do eat, I am quickly full or not feeling well.  This is something I need to deal with quickly!  Blah!


Beautiful Day

Woke up today a lot later than I usually do, and still was not feeling well.  I woke with congestion and a hard cough, that eased up and passed once I had a couple of cups and tea and breakfast.

Afterwards, I dyed my hair back to my favorite blue/black colouring.

Mistress LunaSea called and I met up with the 'household' and had a great afternoon.  We started at the nail salon, continued to shoe shopping, Cuban Pete's for dinner and a drive down Mistress' memory lane of living in Charlotte.

It was a beautiful day.

Health-wise:  A rough start to the day, but once that passed it turned into a great day.  Left leg was still weak, but did not seem as bad.


Good Day

Not a lot to say about today, other than it was just a good day.  Helped a friend fix his computer network, watched the second of ten classes on digital photography and almost finished editing the photos from Saturday night.

Health-wise:  A good breathing day, with good energy.  Left leg is still weak and sore...


Life - Is What It Is

Today was a mixed up day.  Overall pretty good, just some weird news tonight.

I ended up getting my airplane tickets today to go to Montreal and see my cousin get married!  Many thanks to a good friend for the assist on that.

Got together with my sister for a bite to eat tonight and to catch up with each other on what's going on in our lives.  Good chat, good times.  Overall, I think she's also having a pretty good year.

However tonight I heard from dad and he informed me of some heath concerns he is dealing with and how's its being dealt with.  Hmm, it's so much easier for me to be the sick one.  Positive energy and thoughts are with him.  Look forward to seeing everyone together in Montreal next month!

Listening to a friend's streaming radio show tonight.  It is amazing -- great music and he is a huge vault of musical information that he shares between music.  Check it out http://streaming.misew.com:5000/ Tuesday nights and the random Monday and Thursday!

Health-wise:  Another pretty good breathing day, and decent energy levels.  Just concerned with my left knee/leg still, and low appetite.  Did notice, when chatting with my sister, that my leg has been weakening since I've started carrying my wallet in my back pocket again.  Will change that and see if it makes a difference.  Here's to hoping so.

Great Times

I have to say, this year is definitely a very good year for me.

This weekend, I took in a great punk show at The Milestone and took some great pictures.  I'm expecting to post one or two this Photo Friday.  The Choke, and Babyshaker were amazing!

Sunday, a couple of friends took me out to my first gun show.  This is something I never thought I would be doing, but times change and here I was going to my first gun show.  It was really a lot of fun.  There is a lot of history, skill and art involved.  I do have some personal concerns about some of the military grade weapons available to the public, and the few vendors that market a lot of Nazi related items.

Tonight, I went out with Mistress LunaSea and 'family' for food and bowling.  It was a lot of laughs and fun.  Yes, I am lousy at 10-pin bowling, but still it was fun.  Maybe next time I will break 100!

Oh, I noticed I forgot to post Photo Friday.  This was because I forgot that it was actually Friday until sometime on Saturday.  Here is a photo I took of Mistress LunaSea and boishannon from Mistress LunaSea's lecture at ECU.

Health-wise:  Breathing has been very good lately, and my energy levels are doing well.  My only concern now is the complete lack of strength in my left knee/leg.  I find it very difficult to balance myself with it and when in a crouch or climbing stairs, I am having a lot of trouble lifting myself with my left leg first.  I have taken note of this to discuss with my doctor upon my next visit.


Oven Fixed

Today the landlord came by and replaced the burnt out bake element with a new one.  Now I can bake/roast/etc again.  I never thought I would miss frozen pizza so much.  I will probably pick up a turkey breast to roast this weekend and have amazing sandwiches next week.

I've started playing a 'collectable card game' online.  Yeah, a game like Magic, or V:TES, just online.  I just may be addicted.  I've spent about 8 hours a day for the last couple of days learning how to play and playing it.

Just as a change of pace, I did an online tutorial for web development today.  I'm looking at cleaning or getting my camera cleaned this weekend.

Health-wise:  Breathing is going really well, even with all the pollen being blown around.  However, my back went into spasms a couple of times today, and even now is achey and sore.



I'm pretty hyped about learning now.  Yesterday, Chase Jarvis announced a new creative learning website CreativeLive.com and I signed up for my first class.  I did the first (of ten) weekly classes and it was amazing!  Today, I did a single light source webinar from Joe McNally!

I am so excited to be learning again, and putting what I learn into practice.  This should be a great summer!

Health-wise:  Not much to say, other than it was a good day.



Today, wow.

My landlord came by to fix the oven, but brought the wrong element.  He will be back tomorrow with the right one to fix it.  Baking soon!

While driving home from Greenville, I passed some locations that made me think about some friends that I had lost contact with in the last six-seven years.  I woke up this morning and had a Linked-In message from one of them, asking me to look him up on Facebook.  From there, I found the other guy from our little group.  By tonight, I had contacted each of them and received messages back.  Hoping to stay in touch a bit better now.

Health-wise:  Another good day.  Nothing special, just good -- no aches, pains or congestion of note.


Home Again

After a great time with Mistress LunaSea and Shannon presenting at ECU last night, today I drove back to Charlotte.  Two days in a row I drove 5 hrs in a stretch.  Not something I am used to, and now my shoulders are aching and I am looking forward to a good night of sleep. (Bt then again, when am I not wanting a good night sleep these days.)

Also, my landlord contacted me, an he will be getting my oven fixed this week!  This is great news, I have been without the ability to bake/roast anything bigger than my toaster-oven for about a month now.  I will be looking forward to roasting a turkey breast for sandwiches soon...

Health-wise:  Great day, just a little sore from a couple of days of long drives.


On the Go

A surprisingly restful weekend, however, I constantly seemed to be 'on the go'. Errands, laundry, getting together with friends. I would have to say it was a good weekend.

Sunday, the adventure of going to a gun show that wasn't turned into a good time out. Friends picked me up to go to a gun show only to find out it is NEXT weekend. We ended up goofing around NoDa. Good times.

Monday, drove to ECU, Greenville and participated with Mistress LunaSea in a presentation on Domination & Fetishes for a Sociology class. On the way there, almost ran out of gas - very nerve wracking. Thankfully it all turned out ok.

Health-wise: Fairly good, erratic sleep, and only morning congestion.


Photo (Good) Friday

Today is Good Friday. It was a very good day for me. Breathing went well, and I was able to take care of the pesky tasks that I wasn't able to complete yesterday.

Again, it was an absolutely beautiful day, sunny and around 30C! Me, normally a cool weather, autumn type of person, have been really enjoying the last couple of days. It makes me think, this winter must have really been grey and cold for Charlotte.

Anyways, today's photo was taken, well, today. It was taken off of my back deck. No, I do not live in the country. I actually live in a fairly urban area. These deer showed no reaction to sirens going off, and were just crossing through my condo complex's green area. There were 5 deer in total, 2 seemed to be young and the rest adult-sized.

Health-wise:  Today was a good day.  Tonight I was a little tired, and decided to stay in and take it easy.


Beautiful Day

As the title says, today was a beautiful day.  Sunny, and near 30C.  Took some time today and took care of some errands.  Some have to be repeated tomorrow because some employees were MIA in their offices. Nothing like a nice drive across town, only to have to be repeated tomorrow.

At least Mistress LunaSea was with me for the drive, it made it all the nicer.

All the sunshine and fresh air clobbered me.  I came home, opened the patio door to air out the winter's stuffiness from the apartment, and promptly took a nap.

Health-wise:  Feeling good today.  A little congested, but still better than yesterday and feeling good.


Better Day

Didn't get everything done today, but I did get some things knocked off of my todo list.

Feeling better than yesterday, and after my first coffee of the day, I started craving McDonald's breakfast.  (I haven't had one in a couple of years.)  I caved in and went out and got one to start my day.

Things went well today, and am looking forward to an even better day tomorrow.

Health-wise:  A little congested and easily tired, but better than yesterday.  An obvious day of getting better.


Lousy Day

Woke congested and with a nasty acid taste in my mouth.  Not good.  Obvious signs on aspiration, but I have no idea as to why.  I played by all my 'rules' and this should not have happened.

Strong coffee helped get the day going, but I ended up deciding to take the day and rest and take on extra O2.  All my tasks for today are now tasks for tomorrow.  Errands to the pharmacy, grocery store and a call to the IRS are all having to happen tomorrow.  Laundry is soon going to become a must too.

Back to an early night, much rest and tomorrow will be a better day!

Health-wise:  Not one of my better days.  Congested and drained.


30000ft Overview

Overall, I had a good weekend and a quiet day today.  After stuffing myself silly with great food from Fran's Fill Station on Friday night, I ended up being sick later that night, which made for a lousy Saturday morning.  However, with it being Saturday, taking it quiet with extra coffee and morning cartoons I was feeling better that afternoon.

Spent a quiet afternoon with Mistress LunaSea and Shannon and ended up watching tv and having 'adult beverages' that night.

Sunday, I played with my camera and kept NOTHING that I shot (mostly self photos and shots of my kitty while testing some settings.)

Today was nice and relaxing.  Had to deal with a headache this afternoon, so I took a nap.  (My kitty thought it was also a good idea to nap -- on me.)

Health-wise:  Except for Saturday morning, it was a slow but good weekend.


Photo Friday

Today was another day in the life and times of me.  No kidding says you.  I got to run some mandatory errands, mostly picking up necessities for my kitty, Vapour.  Then I ran out and caught up with a friend that I hadn't seen in too long.

Taking time afterwards to surprise Mistress LunaSea with a little gift and some good conversation.

Went out tonight with a couple of friends and got introduced to a new restaurant, Fran's Fill Station.  WOW, it is fantastic!  I ate too much and ended up feeling like a stuffed pig as I drove home.  I will definitely be going back.

This being Photo Friday, here is a an iPhone photo of my kitty, Vapour.  Yes, I am underneath the blanket that Vapour is napping on.

Health-wise:  Today was another good day, my knee is a little stronger, but still not as much as I would like.  Better is still an improvement. 


'Not The Doctor'

I had an adventure getting my hair cut (and coloured) today.  Every time I chose a colour, they could not find the right colour or dye. Wonderful!  I ended up getting a trim and a very cool violet/black colour.  I'm very happy with the results!

Afterwards I heard about a lot of 'issues' and 'concerns' from friends and the household.  I had to remind myself of the Alanis  Morissette song, "Not The Doctor".  I can't fix or save anyone other than me, and I can barely do that for myself.  I can however make myself happy, and allow others to talk/vent around me in a non-judgmental way.  I need to let them heal themselves, but I can help and just be there as best I can for them.

Health-wise:  Good day.  Left knee still a little weak, but getting a little stronger.


Something Accomplished

Finally, today I made the decision and signed up for a Medicare plan.  After spending several weeks, and countless hours reading and comparing plans, I had narrowed it down to two plans.  Everything started to look the same for me, one a little better here, the other there.  I decided I needed to sound this off of someone who is knowledgeable of me, healthcare and is (mostly) logical.  I called home and spoke with Dad and Claudette.  That greatly helped and I made a decision.

Now, I wait until it becomes active in May. Yay!

Also, this evening I assisted Mistress LunaSea prepare and submit an application for a scholarship!  I got to see Her previous transcripts and, wow, She kicks ass when She is focused on school!  Best of luck to Her on the scholarship and achieving Her degree in Psychology.

Health-wise:  I had a good day, except for a coughing fit I went into at the end of the phone call home.  Something was 'tickling' the back of my throat and I just couldn't break it.


Day of the Headache

Today would definitely fall under the category of weird for me.

It started out really well, me feeling well and excited to be getting my Photoshop and Dreamweaver software.  However, after getting out, picking up the software and returning home, I developed a headache that just did not want to let up.  I took some meds, installed the software and the headache grew worse!

It got bad enough for me to shut down all sound/light and take more meds and cover my eyes and attempt to rest.

A couple of hours later, the headache is starting to let up, but now I am just feeling drained.  Decided to take it easy for the rest of the evening and hopefully get some good rest tonight.

Health-wise:  Breathing was very good today, however the day was consumed with my headache.



Had a good relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

Not a whole lot of note to mention, just I really need to make a decision about my medicare plan.  As I go over the options of the Part 'C' choices I've narrowed my decisions down to, and do my research I have found two things.  First, given an average year, I don't think there is really a 'bad' choice for me.  Secondly, given a bad year, I don't think there really is a 'good' choice for me.

Tomorrow, I will get my software from my sister and, hopefully, get the last of my 'research' completed so I can finalize my decision in the next day or two.

Health-wise:  This weekend was really good, as was today.  A little congestion yesterday as the weather changed, but I overcame that quickly.  Sleep is still irregular, but starting to get a little more routine again.  I'm hoping for a good night sleep soon.


Photo Friday

Today was much much better than yesterday! Took myself out to a delicious brunch at Zada Janes, and then (finally) went grocery shopping.

Now, contented and with food for a while, I rested with the patio door open letting fresh air into the apartment.  I guess, between the fresh air, me being content and with a kitty laying on me, a nap was inevitable.  So I napped.

This being photo Friday, I figured I would show a photo from the show I shot last weekend.
©2010 Stephen Coombs Studios - Red All Over at Amos' Southend

Health-wise:  This was a very good day.  Happy, breathing was good, even with the extra effort of getting groceries.


Off Day

Today can be chalked up as -- weird.

I woke, before my alarm, to my kitty standing on me pawing at my head.  He had NEVER done that before.  As I awoke, I became aware of congestion and it felt as if I was aspirating as I was waking.  (Maybe my kitty was trying to help me.)

Obviously, I did not feel well this morning, even after my meds and coffee.  But, as I usually do, when I have things I need to get done, I pushed on and got myself moving.  A little behind schedule, I made it to the bank and then took a small break (to grab a coffee and a breather) at a bookstore, where I picked up a photography magazine.

I then, completed my main goal of the day -- I delivered the photos from Saturday night to a member of Red All Over, and proceeded to have a good conversation with him.  I showed him some of the photos, on my iPhone, and he seemed very excited and happy with them.

I headed home, still not feeling great, and crashed with my kitty curling up next to me.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more back to my recent 'normal' than today was.

Health-wise:  Congested, easily tired, and achey all day.

St. Paddy's Day

Happy St. Paddy's Day everyone!

I enjoyed my day and night.  Not much else to say.  Back to finishing some work on my photos.

Health-wise:  Very good day today.  Looking forward to a restful and good night of sleep.


Set Back

Today was going well.  I was getting things accomplished.  Then when I went to purchase my plane ticket (with air miles) to go to my cousin's wedding in May, I found that (for some reason) I no longer had enough air miles.  Now, I am postponing getting my next tattoo until after the wedding and having to redo my budget to get the plane ticket asap.  It is so much more important to me to be at my cousin's wedding than getting another tattoo.  This is just a small personal set-back.

I have, slowly, been going through the photos from Saturday night.  I am very happy with the way they came out.  I should have the edits done and the photos delivered by Thursday or Friday of this week.

Health-wise:  Today was a very good day.


Riding High

I had a fantastic weekend!

I got out and shot Red All Over's live show at Amos' Southend on Saturday night.  I was excited, but a little nervous at the same time.  It had been a while since I shot a stage show and really wanted to do a good job.  They put on a great show, sounded fantastic... and I had a blast!  Once I got home and dumped the photos to the computer, I was quite amazed!  I took a lot of really good shots!  I'll get them edited early this week and delivered to the band.  (I think I'll post some this Friday.)

Sunday, relax and adjust to the time change.  Met up with the 'household' and we all saw Alice in Wonderland in 3-D.  I fully enjoyed this movie -- it was exactly what I expected and well done.

Health-wise: Congested in the mornings pre-coffee, but afterwards all is good.  Energy levels were up and feeling really good.  Still have weakness in my knees and have trouble getting up out of a crouching position, but I think some exercise may help with this.


Photo Friday

Even though I had a bad breathing day this week, a lot of good things happened.

I received the title to my car after finally paying it off.

I received my new passport in the mail. Now I can start thinking about where I can travel this year.

Finally, my sister ordered the software I require for working on websites and photos for me. My transition to the Mac is almost complete!

Here is a photo, taken with my iPhone of the framed prints I hung this week. The model in all of these prints is Mistress LunaSea.

Tomorrow night, I am shooting photos of Red All Over, live at a local club. I am excited, I always have a good time shooting a live performance in club lighting. It should be a lot of fun.

Health-wise: Today was a good day, a little congestion came on late this evening as a thunderstorm was clearing up.


Mostly Dead Day

Last night I aspirated.  I was up most of the night coughing and 'emptying my lungs'.  Not fun at all.  No rest.

I did get up with my alarm today and took my meds, and drank a pot of coffee.  I kept my Oxygen on all day to help with recouping.  I wasn't up for food until mid-afternoon, and then not very much.  Multiple naps (with a snuggly kitty) made up my day.

Tonight, my sister came over and we went for food, and then we purchased much needed software for me online. Yay!  By the end of next week, I should have the software in the mail and installed on the mac!

Health-wise:  Overall, today was a lost day.  I felt like 'death-warmed-over' most of the day and had no energy.  Heavy congestion, and no energy.


Done In By Food

Today was a weird day...  Once I got my second cup of coffee into me, breathing cleared up and all seemed to be going well.  Breathing was off this morning because, yesterday, just across the NC/SC border they did a major controlled forest burn and that kicked up a lot of smoke into the air that sat over Charlotte for a while.  Not good for my breathing.  But at least that is moved on now.

I started making plans for the day, did more online tutorials for photography and making plans to do some more photo shoots soon.  Also, I found out that They Might Be Giants were playing in town tonight.  I started making plans to go and all looked good.  Then I had supper.  I ate the last of my leftover Fisherman's Brewis and enjoyed every bite.  Too bad my stomach had to stretch so far to accommodate all that food.  Shortly after eating, my stomach started hurting and I got nauseated with a serious headache.  Shortly thereafter I canceled all my night time plans.

Hot tea, and rest are all I'm doing tonight.

Health-wise:  Overall today was pretty good, just very slow to start with the breathing and overate this evening.  


Photos Finally On My Walls

Wow, today I slept in and then I was very productive around the apartment and on the computer.

Once I finally got up and got coffee, I started in on a couple of tutorials for Lightroom and photography.  Very very good.  Afterwards I was motivated to get some framed photos of Mistress LunaSea, put up on the wall.  These are copies of the photos I submitted to the Ikaros Art Collective last year.

Getting up and down off of the couch to put the photos on the wall over the couch made me tired.  It also made me realize that I have lost some mobility and strength in my knees.  I will be working on increasing the strength in my legs now starting tomorrow.

I'm excited to know that tomorrow I will be ordering Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop CS4 for the mac...  I will be back to full speed on the computer once they come in!  Yay!

Health-wise:  Congested this morning, slept in later than normal because of that.  Again tho, once I had my coffee breathing cleared up and all was good.


Weekend of Chores and Food

What a weekend...

I spent this beautiful weekend taking care of business.  Laundry, research, reading and cooking.
I took my time as I went through my lists and got things done.

The apartment (minus the bedroom) is completely cleaned up now.  I have been getting myself to clean it little by little and now there is only a couple of 'piles' in the bedroom to finish and the whole apartment will be to where I like to keep it.  With my current attitude, and practice of cleaning a little each day, I'm hoping to keep things like this for a long while now.

I finally had the rest of the household over and cooked a traditional meal from home for them.  They seemed to enjoy the Fisherman's Brewis that I prepared and the tastes of Newfoundland Screech, Purity Syrup, Peppermint Knobs, and Purity Kisses.  I have to say I throughly enjoyed it too.

After having leftovers for lunch on Monday, I called my sister and she came over after work, had a meal and took leftovers of the Fisherman's Brewis home.  Definitely a great meal, but boy, did I make a lot of it...

Health-wise:  All weekend and today was great, once I've had my morning coffee.  After that coffee all is right with the world.  However before it, I have to say the breathing is a little rough and cough-y.  Sleep is still a little erratic, but it seems to be calming down now that I am getting myself on a more strict sleep/wake schedule.


Photo Friday

It's the end of another week and that means another photo...

Not much to say today, so onto the photo...

©2010 Stephen Coombs Studios - Ammo

A shot from last weekend's adventure in 'shooting'...

Health-wise:  Today was a very good day, just a bit of a belly ache after fast food for dinner.


It's The Little Things

I realized today, even if I don't get everything I want to done, or even looked at, it is the little things that make me happy now.  Just taking care of little things during my day, will help put a smile on my face.  I know, not so long ago, I would look at all that I did not get done and add stress to my thoughts.  Now, it's more, of a "Hey, cool, I just knocked that little task off the list...  yeah it's been there a while, but it's done now!". That puts a smile on my face.

I completed a few 'little things' today, and am smiling because of it.  Tomorrow, more will be accomplished.  That also makes me happy.  The fact that I look forward to tomorrow and making plans for the future.  It wasn't so long ago, I was failing to look past my disease to the future, because of all the things I couldn't do, as I once did.  Now, that isn't the case.

I do look forward to things, and I will do all I once did, not necessarily the same way, but I will get my things done!

Health-wise:  Today was a good breathing day once the coffee kicked in.  Sleep was erratic again, and an afternoon nap was needed.  Hopefully a good night of sleep is in the cards for me tonight.


Taking Care of Things

This blog post is dual purpose. Firstly, I am testing being able to post a blog from my iPhone. Secondly, it is to continue with my regular blog posts.

Today was productive. I made sure the forms for dealing with the IRS were completed and put in the mail. Also, I RSVP'd to my cousin's wedding in May. I'm looking forward to going and celebrating with family.

I also picked up a stock pot. I've been needing one for a while, and with plans to do up Fisherman's Brewis (another traditional meal from home) it was a great time to get one.

No distinct plans for tomorrow, but I am looking forward to another good day.

Health-wise: Today was a slow start to the breathing, but all was good after my morning coffee. Sleep has been haphazard lately, short sleep periods at night and an afternoon/evening nap.


Optimistic Outlook

Almost every day of this year has felt like things are going my way.  Things just seem to be falling into place and I am feeling a lot better than not.

I just ran back over my archive of horoscopes for this year, and the vast majority of them have been very positive.  Overall it looks like this is definitely going to be MY year!

I'm very happy with the way I have been feeling, and how I have been accomplishing my goals.  I feel much more comfortable with my photography and how it is improving.

I just seem to be 'happy' most of the time now.

Health-wise:  Today was a very good day, just a sore and achey back tonight.


Great Weekend

It was a great weekend.  I got together with friends, enjoyed their company.  We saw the movie Shutter Island, interesting flick... still thinking about the ending.  Then the next day, photos while getting together with friends and shooting many many different types of guns...  Photos may show up this Photo Friday.

Today, after a full day of fresh air and sunshine, this vampire is achey and tired.  Dumped the photos to the computer and liked a lot of what I saw.  Early to bed tonight and a good day to come tomorrow.

Health-wise:  Doing great, good moving around yesterday outside and maneuvering for photos.  A little slow, but that will improve with more moving.  Breathing doing good, minus the couple of gunsmoke clouds.


Photo Friday!

Wow, it's Photo Friday already.  This week seemed to fly by.  I noticed that I forgot to post a photo last week, so this week, I'll post a few!

The first two are photos from when we had snow here in Charlotte.  It happens yearly, but we never seem to be ready for the few days of snow we get.  Very different from where I grew up!

©2010 SCS - Charlotte Snow 1

©2010 SCS - Charlotte Snow 5

Now, I mentioned that I cooked a traditional meal for my sister and her boyfriend the other day, here is a photo of making her boyfriend 'an honourary Newfoundlander' by way of a Screech In.

©2010 SCS - Shawn Screech In 7

Health-wise:  Today was much better than the last couple, minimal congestion, but still developed a headache in the afternoon.  Took note of it to mention to the doc during my next visit.


Yesterday - Take 2

Well, today was a lot like yesterday. Blah.  Just there was a bit of an improvement over yesterday.

I did watch a live streaming of Chase Jarvis' workflow!  Very well done and very informative.  Immediately afterwards I watched a Lightroom 3 Beta 'brown bag' chat about publishing features in this product.  Concise and very well demoed.

Great day for learning.

Health-wise:  Repeat of yesterday.  Blah.  Just slightly better today and no fever.


Today Is Fired!

Today was a complete loss.  I woke up not feeling well.  I felt as though I had aspirated and my upper left lung was heavily congested and sore.  Even after my meds, coffee and breakfast it did not let up.  I developed a chill/fever before noon and just decided to give in.  I took some Tylenol to fight the fever and lay down and slept most of the afternoon.  Vapour loved it, he curled up on me and napped, helping keep me warm.

Feeling a little better, I got a light dinner and quiet this evening.  The only exception was the joy and excitement I encountered when Canada beat Russia in the Olympics Men's Ice Hockey.  Great job by the Canadian team!

Health-wise: Not so good.  Better now before I head to bed, but not a good day.


Chores of Life

What a day.  I never would have thought it was so hard to find a bake element for my oven.  Sunday night, when I did up the 'Jigg's Dinner', my bake element shorted out and burnt about half way around.  Now I'm hunting for a replacement.  It seems, very few places actually carry them, and it looks like the style/size changed for each brand almost on a yearly basis.  Now to hunt down the model number and hope for the best tomorrow.

I, finally, received my book on the medicare plans, so I can make an informed choice to select the medicare plans that I will opt for this year. (Well, once I start getting the benefits in May.)  It's only a 126 page book full of information.  Hopefully it's easy to read and understand.  I feel my day tomorrow will be taken up reading and making notes.

Health-wise:  Today was a good day, a little slow to start, but a good day, once I got my first coffee into me.


Weekend Update

Wow, this weekend passed quickly.  It was a great weekend.  Spent this Spring-like beautiful weekend spending time with close ones.

Enjoyed a quiet day with Mistress LunaSea, talking and catching up, one-on-one.  Definitely something that puts me in a good mood, but something I need to be doing more.  We had a good brunch, and some quiet time running a couple of errands.

Then Sunday, I cooked a traditional meal from home for my sister and her boyfriend.  The meal, called a Jigg's Dinner, turned out fantastic!  I really enjoyed cooking for more than me, and having it enjoyed and ravenously consumed.

Health-wise:  Today I woke congested and developed a mild headache in the afternoon. All cleared up by dinner, but overall just a blah day.


Catching Up

Today was spent catching up on things that were supposed to be done yesterday.  I somewhat succeeded in that task.  Not entirely, but I am pleased with my progress.  I will be completely caught up and where I want to be by the end of the weekend.

Tonight I went out to talk with someone regarding a photography gig, however, that did not happen.  I did, however, get to see and hear some good, live, and local music.  I must say, I really love the venue Elwood's Music Hall.

Health-wise:  Back to feeling great and with energy, just a slow start until my coffee kicks in.


Lost Day

Today was a lost day.  Not only did I not get anything I wanted done, completed; I didn't even get them started.

I woke up feeling 'off'.  Not bad, breathing was fine.  I was just not feeling 'right'.  After my morning coffee, I felt a little feverish and later on a migraine developed.  Darkness and napping on the couch became my day.  So much for getting my closet cleaned out, new printer set up or Vapour to the vet for his shots.  All of that is now put off until tomorrow.

I really dislike it when I get nothing accomplished when there are things I had planned to complete.  Today was definitely a lost day for me.

Health-wise:  Migraine, and a minor fever.  Breathing was fine.  Just blah.

The End and Beginning

It is over!  I finally made my last payment on my car!  This excites me because it is the first time in my life that I have owned my vehicle.  No more car loan!  No more car payments!  Hopefully it will continue being very good to me for a while.

Also today, I broke down and purchased the multipurpose printed that I have wanted for a while.  With the sale and trade-in bonus, I got my new Epson Artisan 810 printer for about 45% of it's regular retail price! It is wirelessly connected to my network and does everything I need it to do, and it does it all well.

Thanks to a active kitty cat, I didn't get much sleep last night, but that didn't affect me much today until after supper, and then I rested/napped for a little while.  I'm now ready for bed, and hopefully it will be a quiet night tonight.

Health-wise: Today was great, even with little sleep, I had energy and my breathing was good.  Today has been one of the better days of late, and I'm hopeful that tomorrow will be even better.


Photo Decisions

I'm loving life these days.  I really don't know why, but I'm happy and things keep seeming to go well for me.

I've made the decision to take this year as a growth year for me.  Right now, I'm focusing on my education.  I'm learning more and more about photography through near daily tutorials, and learning more about the mac every time I use it!

As I work on my photography, I have gone through many of my older photos (some, I'm sure will show up in future Photo Fridays) and notice I have worked a lot in dark, club lighting and event lighting.  Now, I am trying to learn how to properly light with studio lights that a friend of mine had loaned me until I get my own lighting.

I need to make a decision on how I want to stylize my lighting -- portable studio lights or the strobist style.  Both have pros and cons for how I have worked and how I plan to work.  As life is, I need to make the best decision for me.

I can't wait to see where this brings me and my photography.

Health-wise:  Today was a very good day.  No stomach issues, breathing was good, as was my energy level.


Took The Weekend Off

It was great!  I have to say, I did  absolutely nothing all weekend.  I stayed home, barely even looked outside and accomplished 100% vegetative state!

I have been pushing myself lately to make sure I accomplish something each day, and you know, as much as I am pleased with my progress and achievements so far this year, something was missing.  What I realized was, I wasn't letting myself just be, just relax.  This weekend I did.

I know it was Valentine's Day weekend, but being single and not wanting to be around all the 'lovey-dovey' couples, there was no better time than to just be with me.  I sat around the apartment, randomly watched tv shows, napped and enjoyed the company of my cat, Vapour.

It was great!  I must remember to take time for myself more often.  Must remember one of my favorite movies lessons.

Health-wise:  It was a weird weekend, and today was a little off -- breathing was good, but stomach cramps from the adjustment to the iron supplements were annoying.


Photo Friday!

Wow!  This week has passed quickly.  It is already Photo Friday again.  I have been playing with the mac so much, getting things set up, and making lists of things to do, I forgot that I would have to set up my photo workflow as well.  Well, that is going to take some serious thinking and time.  So for now, and until I have that setup Photo Fridays will be compliments of my pc.

"Thoughtful (aka Cheesecake)"  ©2006 
Photographer: Me 

This is one of two photos that I have printed and framed in the Ikaros Art Collective.  I have been asked to provide another print this year!

Health-wise:  I had a great day today.  Little congestion, minor aches, and no additional tiredness.



I finally sent in the documents to have my passport renewed.  Until my passport returns, I will have to stay within the borders of the US.  Already, I have plans to go to Montreal, PQ later this Spring and a personal goal to go on my first cruise later this year -- I will definitely need my passport!

Being a Sagittarius, one of my 'traits' is wanderlust.  I absolutely have a need to travel and be on the move regularly.  It doesn't always have to be large trips, but even little weekend trips away from the standard recharge my batteries.  I'm looking forward to see what I capture with the camera from my travels this year.

Health-wise: Today was a good day, active this morning and feeling good for the rest of the day little congestion and my energy was better than the last few days.  Looks like the new iron supplements may be helping.  Need to refocus on weight gain now.

And Life Continues Upward

Well,   I am very amazed on how good my year is progressing.  As I start looking at setting up my freelance profiles on a couple of websites, I get word from a few sources that I am being submitted for a some small, and not so small projects.

Just putting the focus and energy out there seems to be starting to clear the way for me this year!

As I continue to setup the mac, I am reminded there is some software I will have to purchase so that I can continue to do some of the work that I used to do on the pc.  Dreamweaver and Photoshop are high on my list of programs to get promptly.  Until I get those programs, I will still be able to use my pc and use some free/open software on the mac to do the same job.

Health-wise:  Today was a good day, I was taking it slow, but no tiring nor extra congestion today!


Simple Things

I find that now I am 'retired', I take my time a lot more than I did.  I'm not as fast to commit my time to any one thing, and as the saying goes, I'm taking the time to smell the roses.

Daily, I take stock of who I am and what I am doing.  It's often the little things that put the smile on my face that I so often feel has become more a part of me than it ever was before.

While living in the southern US, I do not have a regular supply, or easy access to Tim Horton's coffee.  However, this past trip home, I picked up several pounds of the grind and brought it back with me.  Now, waking up to the smell of a fresh pot of 'timmies' brewing, always starts my day with a smile.

Health-wise:  Good day today, just the side effects of the anemia.  However, picked up a new iron supplement, so hopefully this will help.

It Continues To Be A Good Year

I had an enjoyable weekend.  No stress, wonderful and relaxing.  Caught up with my sister over brunch, and spoke about how this appears to be a great year.

That, and I got my MACBOOK PRO!!!  Another 2010 goal achieved.  This one happened much faster than expected thanks to a wonderful surprise gift from dad.  I've spent my time recently transferring my photos over to the mac, and doing a lot of reading/tutorials on how to use and make the most of the new system.  I have to say, I am very impressed with everything so far -- and in turn, wondering why it has taken me so long before I made getting a mac a personal priority.

Health-wise:  I have been taking things very slowly.  Breathing is affected by the anemia, and I am getting tired quickly because of it as well.  


Photo Friday!

Here it is, the end of the first week of blogging.  Wow, that went by quickly, and surprisingly an easy routine to get into.  Hopefully I'll be able to continue the writing and the thoughts and writing will improve.

Well, today is Friday and one of my 2010 Goals was to post at least one photo every week. I figured it would be easy for me to remember if I just posted a photo that I have taken (either recently or from my archive) here on my blog every Friday.

Here is a photo I took with my Canon 40D while I was home over Christmas 2009.

St. John's NL Canada.   ©2009 
Photographer: Me

I'm looking forward to posting photos from all aspects of my travels and life...

Health-wise:  Today was a weird day, not bad, just 'off'.  Breathing was slow to get to 'normal for me' this morning, but again I blame the change of weather to the cold heavy rain affecting me.



Even tho I am 'retired' and on disability I set my alarm to wake me at the same time every weekday (and an hour later on weekends).  This has a lot to do with my mentality and making sure I just don't sleep/waste my days away.

Every weekday, I wake at 8:30am to my alarm and the smell of a pot of coffee starting to brew.  Even if I am not feeling well, I make sure I get up and go through my morning routine, and end up enjoying a cup of fresh brewed coffee.  After that, I get my breakfast and look at what is on the schedule for the day and week.

This way, I am up and available to do whatever comes up for the day or run errands and deal with the household chores.  I am as productive as I want or need to be each day now.  Feeling that I am doing something, starting something, or accomplishing something everyday goes a long way for me feeling good about myself, and that I am not just a sick man sitting around all the time.

Today was just an average day, and just a day for taking care.

Health-wise:  Just a good day, easily tired, but quick to recover.


Adult Content?

I sent the link to this blog to a friend of mine today, and they came back with a question:  Why do you have it listed as containing adult content?

I had to let them know, even tho I do not have anything of an 'adult' nature posted yet, nor planned in the near future, I just to not know where this blog will go.  I do have a lot of aspects of my life that definitely fall under an 'adult content' heading.

I life a BDSM lifestyle, serving Mistress LunaSea.  I do have risque photographs printed and hanging in the Ikaros Art Collective.  I also have worked on the DomCon Atlanta and DomCon LA websites.  I have taken photos at fetish, goth, and industrial events, burlesque shows and live music performances.

With a life with so much that can easily fall under an 'adult' category, I felt it much safer to set this blog with an 'adult content' warning now, than have to explain myself later when I mention something definitely 'adult'.

This year continues to be fantastic!  I have had recent news that will allow me to accomplish some of my 2010 Goals much earlier than expected.  My life is good.

Health-wise:  Congested all morning, but cleared up as I got out and moving around running errands.  Feeling good now, while enjoying a cup of hot tea.


30 Things About My Invisible Illness You May Not Know

I live with COPD, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.  This is often considered an 'invisible disease' because, unless I am coughing, most people will never realize I am sick.

1. The illness I live with is:
COPD - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

2. I was diagnosed with it in the year:
2000 , but previously diagnosed with Chronic Bronchitis

3. But I had symptoms since:
it seems like forever in varying degrees

4. The biggest adjustment I’ve had to make is:
learning that i am limited in my physical activities more and more, and accepting that i can no longer do what i used to do

5. Most people assume:
I smoke -- I DO NOT SMOKE!

6. The hardest part about mornings are:
kick starting my breathing to become active -- caffeine and meds help a lot

7. My favorite medical TV show is:
currently, House, but reruns of ER still have a place in my heart

8. A gadget I couldn’t live without is:
notebook computer, iPhone, or my Canon 40D camera, I just can't decide on only one (1)

9. The hardest part about nights are:
Having to be aware of the time, and cut off eating several hours before i go to lay down.  If I don't have several hours before lying down, I will have a rough night and breathing will become a challenge amongst the coughing.

10. Each day I take __ pills & vitamins. (No comments, please)
too many, plus breathing treatments and O2 (at night)

11. Regarding alternative treatments I:
constantly look for ways to improve my life, but will always proceed with caution when trying something new

12. If I had to choose between an invisible illness or visible I would choose:
I would choose an invisible illness, it makes it easier to not constantly stand out especially with strangers in public

13. Regarding working and career:
I've had to retire and go on disability, an office environment increases my risk of contracting respiratory illnesses, making my life worse.  I've always wondered; why, when people are sick with the flu/fever they just don't stay home for a day and not expose the entire office to their sickness.

14. People would be surprised to know:
I would definitely prefer to work, but am happy with how I am turning hobbies into passions

15. The hardest thing to accept about my new reality has been:
accepting that I either have trouble doing, or can't do what I once was able to

16. Something I never thought I could do with my illness that I did was:
I don't restrict myself, I constantly look for ways to do what I want to do.  It just may not be the fastest way, or the way other people would do it.

17. The commercials about my illness:
they always involve older/senior people, and that is not my case

18. Something I really miss doing since I was diagnosed is:
I seriously miss travelling and going on walking/photo tours of new cities

19. It was really hard to have to give up:
working -- no really, it is difficult to give up, once it is a part of your lifestyle

20. A new hobby I have taken up since my diagnosis is:
nothing new, just i've gotten a lot more serious about my photography

21. If I could have one day of feeling normal again I would:
probably do a walking ghost tour of New Orleans, or Savannah

22. My illness has taught me:
to slow down and enjoy your time and life, and not to stress about things you can't control

23. Want to know a secret? One thing people say that gets under my skin is:
is either: I'm lazy and should be looking for work or I can't do something

24. But I love it when people:
treat me like any other friend, yet accept it in stride if I have to pass on a social gathering

25. My favorite motto, scripture, quote that gets me through tough times is:
"Be who you are and say what you feel... because those that mind don't matter, and those who matter, don't mind." - Dr. Seuss

26. When someone is diagnosed I’d like to tell them:
life is far from over, just take the time to enjoy it every day

27. Something that has surprised me about living with an illness is:
how much my feelings (emotional and physical) can swing on a daily basis based on the previous day/night

28. The nicest thing someone did for me when I wasn’t feeling well was:
there have been many great things people have done over the years, but bringing me a good coffee, unasked, and conversation, not mentioning my illness is always high on my list :)

29. I’m involved with Invisible Illness Week because:
I have an invisible illness and feel a need to help spread the word.

30. The fact that you read this list makes me feel:
very pleased that someone took the time to learn about me.

Health-wise: Today was ok, woke and stayed a little congested -- I blame the weather change to wet and cold. Tomorrow will be better!