Non Day

It was a good weekend.  I hung out with the household as Mistress LunaSea and shannon prepped for their west coast trip.

Found out some good news about my camera.  The problem I am having with the wide angle lens not 'talking to' my camera is a problem with the lens and not the camera itself.  This is great news!

Now today, not much on the go.  Hung out online chatting with a friend for part of the day.  Got a phone call from Mistress LunaSea (from the west coast) wondering if I could add stuff to the DomCon LA website.  Can I, yes.  However there is no where designated for it and the page that should be used, has been replaced with a place holder page.  I'm guessing someone else was updating it.  All of this for a website on an event that starts in less than 3 days!  This is crazy, all of this stuff should have been done and online weeks ago.  There are just too many cooks and little direction on the website.  This irritates me, because with anything I work on, I want to do a great job and create a great final product.  This is just not possible with this now.

Health-wise:  Today was good.  Just a little tired this afternoon, so I took a nap.

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