Photo Friday

Interesting day today.  It seems as tho my appetite has come back.  I was hungry most of the day.  It seemed that I was constantly 'grazing' and going back and forth to the kitchen for food.  Hopefully this will continue.

I was having an IM chat with Mistress LunaSea just a little while ago.  She asked me what I did all day, and my initial thought was 'not much'.  Then I started listing what I accomplished.  I played with my camera and fixed my shutter issue.  I did online research for a friend.  I worked on some photos and played online.  Also, I found time and napped.  Not a bad day really.

Considering it is Photo Friday, here is a photo that I took:

Red All Over @ The Evening Muse

Health-wise:  Today was a good day, breathing was good and I felt fine.  Late this afternoon, I got very tired.  It was nothing a quick nap couldn't fix.


Semi-Busy Erranding

Today started slowly, I woke much later than I wanted.  It seems I forgot to turn my alarm on last night.  Oh well.  Once up, I printed coupons, clipped them and finalized some lists.

Groceries.  Check.  Over the counter meds.  Check.  Grease/oil/filter. Check.  Light bulbs. Check.

Now what was I forgetting?  Oh, yeah, check on the camera and work on choosing photos for my portfolio.  That is now on the lists for tomorrow.

Health-wise:  Today was a good day.  Breathing, energy, and physically I was feeling good.


3rd Wednesday

Today is the 3rd Wednesday of the month.  The day I receive my cheque and the day I end up spending the vast majority of it.  After rent, bills, and taking out a little cash and money for groceries it all goes quickly.  At the end of the day, I usually have about 1/4 of the cheque left in the bank to cover some latter month expenses.  And starting next month, my medicare co-pay starts coming out, leaving a little less in the bank after the monthly bills are paid, but will minimize some of my monthly medical bills.  Right now I'm thinking it will balance out, and in a worse case scenario really reduce a hospital bill (if/when I need that again).

I hate that I forgot to post the blog post last night, I left it in 'draft'.  Need to double check that before I go to bed now.

Health-wise:  Today was a pretty good day, little sleep last night, but caught up on some sleep today with an afternoon nap.  I have a deep 'rattle' in my chest today.  I'll pick up something to deal with that tomorrow when I pick up my meds.


Silent Memory

It was 15 years ago today that mom died.  I stayed low-key and quiet for most of today, remembering and thinking.

Also today, I received an email from dad letting me know when his surgery will take place.  It is before Philip's wedding next month, but he won't be able to make that trip.

Health-wise:  Left eye continues to water in the morning and at night.  It seems to be in relation to the amount of pollen in the air.  I have to mention it to the doc.  Other than that, all seems good.

Wuggie's Birthday

This was a fun weekend.  Took it easy and just enjoyed the day on Saturday, and on Sunday, I took wuggie to the Charlotte Gun Show as part of his birthday gift.  It was his first gun show, and this was quite the show.  Multiple buildings and a huge range of weapons and people.  He told me he really enjoyed it, and he (like me) was impressed and learned a lot...  and learned that there was even more that he (and I) have no idea about.

Today was his actual birthday.  Happy Birthday wuggie!  I rested and napped today, getting ready for a potentially eventful night.

I was disappointed in the COPD Webinar I joined, but it would have been good for someone who just got diagnosed with COPD.

Tonight, Mistress LunaSea took the family out to celebrate wuggie's birthday.  Steaks at Outback and a late viewing of the Kick Ass movie.  A great time was had by all and it was a lot of fun.

Health-wise:  Good weekend, today my left eye has been watering and is pink tonight.  I'll be keeping an watch on that.  I seem to have an extra rattle in my chest tonight, something else I'll be watching.