Photo Friday

Interesting day today.  It seems as tho my appetite has come back.  I was hungry most of the day.  It seemed that I was constantly 'grazing' and going back and forth to the kitchen for food.  Hopefully this will continue.

I was having an IM chat with Mistress LunaSea just a little while ago.  She asked me what I did all day, and my initial thought was 'not much'.  Then I started listing what I accomplished.  I played with my camera and fixed my shutter issue.  I did online research for a friend.  I worked on some photos and played online.  Also, I found time and napped.  Not a bad day really.

Considering it is Photo Friday, here is a photo that I took:

Red All Over @ The Evening Muse

Health-wise:  Today was a good day, breathing was good and I felt fine.  Late this afternoon, I got very tired.  It was nothing a quick nap couldn't fix.

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