Photo Friday (Off Day)

Today definitely falls into the category of an 'off day' for me.  I woke, much like yesterday, with some congestion and a hard cough.  Thankfully, that cleared up and eased after my meds, caffeine, and brunch.  With plans of finishing some photo edits and going out tonight to see some live music I was pretty happy.  That is when I started to ache, have some body pains and a splitting headache.  Some pain killers later, I lay down to nap and let the meds do their thing.

I napped for about 4 hrs!  This is longer than I usually sleep at night without interruption.  But still just feeling 'off' this after that, I decided to grab a bite to eat and cancel all plans for tonight.

Anyway, this is Photo Friday (I remembered this week!) and I am posting a couple of photos from The Choke and Babyshaker from last Saturday night.

Heath-wise:  Congestion and cough in the morning, which cleared up.  Body pain and headache this afternoon.   I am concerned about not eating much.  I have minimal appetite and when I do eat, I am quickly full or not feeling well.  This is something I need to deal with quickly!  Blah!


Beautiful Day

Woke up today a lot later than I usually do, and still was not feeling well.  I woke with congestion and a hard cough, that eased up and passed once I had a couple of cups and tea and breakfast.

Afterwards, I dyed my hair back to my favorite blue/black colouring.

Mistress LunaSea called and I met up with the 'household' and had a great afternoon.  We started at the nail salon, continued to shoe shopping, Cuban Pete's for dinner and a drive down Mistress' memory lane of living in Charlotte.

It was a beautiful day.

Health-wise:  A rough start to the day, but once that passed it turned into a great day.  Left leg was still weak, but did not seem as bad.


Good Day

Not a lot to say about today, other than it was just a good day.  Helped a friend fix his computer network, watched the second of ten classes on digital photography and almost finished editing the photos from Saturday night.

Health-wise:  A good breathing day, with good energy.  Left leg is still weak and sore...


Life - Is What It Is

Today was a mixed up day.  Overall pretty good, just some weird news tonight.

I ended up getting my airplane tickets today to go to Montreal and see my cousin get married!  Many thanks to a good friend for the assist on that.

Got together with my sister for a bite to eat tonight and to catch up with each other on what's going on in our lives.  Good chat, good times.  Overall, I think she's also having a pretty good year.

However tonight I heard from dad and he informed me of some heath concerns he is dealing with and how's its being dealt with.  Hmm, it's so much easier for me to be the sick one.  Positive energy and thoughts are with him.  Look forward to seeing everyone together in Montreal next month!

Listening to a friend's streaming radio show tonight.  It is amazing -- great music and he is a huge vault of musical information that he shares between music.  Check it out http://streaming.misew.com:5000/ Tuesday nights and the random Monday and Thursday!

Health-wise:  Another pretty good breathing day, and decent energy levels.  Just concerned with my left knee/leg still, and low appetite.  Did notice, when chatting with my sister, that my leg has been weakening since I've started carrying my wallet in my back pocket again.  Will change that and see if it makes a difference.  Here's to hoping so.

Great Times

I have to say, this year is definitely a very good year for me.

This weekend, I took in a great punk show at The Milestone and took some great pictures.  I'm expecting to post one or two this Photo Friday.  The Choke, and Babyshaker were amazing!

Sunday, a couple of friends took me out to my first gun show.  This is something I never thought I would be doing, but times change and here I was going to my first gun show.  It was really a lot of fun.  There is a lot of history, skill and art involved.  I do have some personal concerns about some of the military grade weapons available to the public, and the few vendors that market a lot of Nazi related items.

Tonight, I went out with Mistress LunaSea and 'family' for food and bowling.  It was a lot of laughs and fun.  Yes, I am lousy at 10-pin bowling, but still it was fun.  Maybe next time I will break 100!

Oh, I noticed I forgot to post Photo Friday.  This was because I forgot that it was actually Friday until sometime on Saturday.  Here is a photo I took of Mistress LunaSea and boishannon from Mistress LunaSea's lecture at ECU.

Health-wise:  Breathing has been very good lately, and my energy levels are doing well.  My only concern now is the complete lack of strength in my left knee/leg.  I find it very difficult to balance myself with it and when in a crouch or climbing stairs, I am having a lot of trouble lifting myself with my left leg first.  I have taken note of this to discuss with my doctor upon my next visit.