Photo Friday

Today was much much better than yesterday! Took myself out to a delicious brunch at Zada Janes, and then (finally) went grocery shopping.

Now, contented and with food for a while, I rested with the patio door open letting fresh air into the apartment.  I guess, between the fresh air, me being content and with a kitty laying on me, a nap was inevitable.  So I napped.

This being photo Friday, I figured I would show a photo from the show I shot last weekend.
©2010 Stephen Coombs Studios - Red All Over at Amos' Southend

Health-wise:  This was a very good day.  Happy, breathing was good, even with the extra effort of getting groceries.


Off Day

Today can be chalked up as -- weird.

I woke, before my alarm, to my kitty standing on me pawing at my head.  He had NEVER done that before.  As I awoke, I became aware of congestion and it felt as if I was aspirating as I was waking.  (Maybe my kitty was trying to help me.)

Obviously, I did not feel well this morning, even after my meds and coffee.  But, as I usually do, when I have things I need to get done, I pushed on and got myself moving.  A little behind schedule, I made it to the bank and then took a small break (to grab a coffee and a breather) at a bookstore, where I picked up a photography magazine.

I then, completed my main goal of the day -- I delivered the photos from Saturday night to a member of Red All Over, and proceeded to have a good conversation with him.  I showed him some of the photos, on my iPhone, and he seemed very excited and happy with them.

I headed home, still not feeling great, and crashed with my kitty curling up next to me.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more back to my recent 'normal' than today was.

Health-wise:  Congested, easily tired, and achey all day.

St. Paddy's Day

Happy St. Paddy's Day everyone!

I enjoyed my day and night.  Not much else to say.  Back to finishing some work on my photos.

Health-wise:  Very good day today.  Looking forward to a restful and good night of sleep.


Set Back

Today was going well.  I was getting things accomplished.  Then when I went to purchase my plane ticket (with air miles) to go to my cousin's wedding in May, I found that (for some reason) I no longer had enough air miles.  Now, I am postponing getting my next tattoo until after the wedding and having to redo my budget to get the plane ticket asap.  It is so much more important to me to be at my cousin's wedding than getting another tattoo.  This is just a small personal set-back.

I have, slowly, been going through the photos from Saturday night.  I am very happy with the way they came out.  I should have the edits done and the photos delivered by Thursday or Friday of this week.

Health-wise:  Today was a very good day.


Riding High

I had a fantastic weekend!

I got out and shot Red All Over's live show at Amos' Southend on Saturday night.  I was excited, but a little nervous at the same time.  It had been a while since I shot a stage show and really wanted to do a good job.  They put on a great show, sounded fantastic... and I had a blast!  Once I got home and dumped the photos to the computer, I was quite amazed!  I took a lot of really good shots!  I'll get them edited early this week and delivered to the band.  (I think I'll post some this Friday.)

Sunday, relax and adjust to the time change.  Met up with the 'household' and we all saw Alice in Wonderland in 3-D.  I fully enjoyed this movie -- it was exactly what I expected and well done.

Health-wise: Congested in the mornings pre-coffee, but afterwards all is good.  Energy levels were up and feeling really good.  Still have weakness in my knees and have trouble getting up out of a crouching position, but I think some exercise may help with this.