Photo Friday

It's Friday! Normally this would be a great thing, with me heading out to take in some live music and do my photo thing. That is not the case this week.

The headache continues. Another day of dark, quiet, and meds. On top of it all today, I an completely drained. So, that made for a day of sleep.

I'm disappointed in myself for not getting out or making a Live Limelight event happen this week. (But hey, there is still this weekend. I'm not going to push it, not for my health's sake. )

My sister did send me a couple recent pics of my niece today! Wow, she's cute and getting big. Soon I'll be going over there with camera and lights to do some family portraits with them. That should be a great time.

Well, considering it is photo Friday, here is a recent photo I've taken of my niece.

Anyways, early night and (hopefully) a great headache-free day tomorrow.

Healthwise: Blah. Headache and drained all day. Good side, breathing is good and my feet, even tho they are swollen, they are not as swollen as the last few days.


Oh What a Headache

Today, what a day. I started early and was enjoying breakfast, coffee and web work. I was looking into how to setup a new local web environment so I can move forward on some web development ideas. That is when my headache first started.

It was mind enough that I was just going to ignore it and keep going. I got up, grabbed a snack, started looking into the Live Limelight gathering and outing for tonight and started to get excited. The headache got worse. Tylenol and keep going. I sat back away from the computer and watched some tv. The headache decided to take over.

I emailed the Live Limelight crew telling them I wouldn't be able to go anywhere tonight. Meds, lights out, sounds off, even debated muzzling Vapour (but he decided to curl up with me and nap - smart cat), wrapped up and napped away the evening.

Woke up, yep, headache still here. Mild fever and an upset stomach now added to my night.
Prepped everything for morning, hot tea to help settle my belly and my nightly meds with added tylenol and tums and I'm ready to end this day.

Looking forward to a much better day tomorrow.

Healthwise: Shitty day. Mild fever of 100F tonight. Hopefully a better day tomorrow.  At least breathing was good.


Post Productive Day - A Not So Productive Day

Well, today was mostly just a dull blah day.  I got up to a good pot of coffee brewing, and did my new exercise routine for the first time...  Then I took a pain killer.  Yep over did it a little, and will have to be a bit more careful tomorrow.  Other than that, today has been kinda bland.  After a very productive day yesterday, I ended up doing very little today.  A little computer work, and then pretty much a day of random thoughts, relaxing, social media websites and television.

I looked over a few things that I wanted to accomplish, and well, I decided to do them all later.  Actually, I don't think it was a conscious decision, more of I just didn't get around to doing any of it and I will eventually do it later.  I did download the latest version of MAMP to install, but did not install it yet.  I tested printing to my 5x8 card stock for my home cookbook, and all of that worked out well.  Once I get a few more recipes typed up, I'll be starting to print and put them in my cook book binder.

Looking forward to getting together with the rest of the Live Limelight crew tomorrow and having a discussion on how we are going to proceed and possibly take in a show late tomorrow night.

Too bed early, and hopefully a good night of sleep and peaceful dreams before tomorrow.

Healthwise:  Breathing was good today, but my feet have swollen up again and haven't really been down to normal size in about a week now.  The feet are swollen enough that making putting on my sneakers a nuisance and that makes me wanting to go out less.  But hopefully that will improve as time goes on.  Overall, I would have to say today was an blah health day.


Good Day Followed by Productive Day

I sit here in front of the computer, absolutely shocked that I had accomplished everything on my to do list for today, with the exception of watching a movie, which is my plan to do next.

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day where I focused on relaxing and figuring out what I really need/want to do around the apartment.  That and I have done a lot of thinking about a question that seems to have stuck in my mind since I read it on an 'happiness' blog over the weekend.  The question was something along the lines of, describe in detail, what you would love to be doing every day to earn a living while living.  I don't know why, but this has really stuck in my mind and hasn't really let me think on anything else.  I enjoyed the relaxing and the peacefulness of the day.  Enjoying hot green tea with lemon and the dream incense I decided to burn.  I ended up napping and dreaming peaceful dreams.  Overall it was a good day, I woke in time to make dinner, watch some tv and fall asleep relatively early.  Actually falling asleep before I wrote in the blog as I had planned.  Oops.  I guess the rest was needed and more important to my body.

Today, I woke rested and just feeling productive.  I started in on a number of items I realized that I needed to get done, and I just went through it all.  The only step backwards today was I destroyed my local web installation.  I decided to uninstall it and reinstall it later.  I created a new exercise routine that I will be starting in the morning as an update to my morning ritual of meds, coffee, email and breakfast.

I'm looking forwards to baking some dinner tonight, and packaging up the left overs in my food storage containers and freeze them for later.  I know I will have extra, for I decided to cook for a family instead of just for me.  I'm hoping to get into this routine now, and do this several times a month so I have good healthy inexpensive home made frozen dinners for quick food through out the month.  Tonight - Buffalo breaded chicken tenders with chicken rice.  Hopefully it turns out as good as I hope it will.  I will be making enough for at least 4 meals, maybe 5 depending on how things bake up.

My plans for tonight are to watch a Netflix movie so I can return it and not get charged the new ridiculous rates they created for getting a DVD instead of just watching everything online.  After that, if I have the energy I will be looking into how to create new catalogs and moving my photos to them in Lightroom.  Hopefully this will help speed up Lightroom, and help me organize the photos, helping me get prepared for my portfolio edits.  Tomorrow, more photo work, and reinstalling my local web.

As I write this, I find I am still thinking on what I would love to be doing every day for a living, and the more I think on it, it is changing little by little and making it more 'practical' for me in my health.  The biggest thing for me to think about with getting more details about it, is how can I make it come to life!  I'm sure I'll describe it more on this site as I figure more out about it.

Healthwise:  Yesterday and today breathing has been good.  I've not done a lot physically, but I have accomplished a lot.  Overall, besides resting more than I normally would like to, I have to save health was ok.  The downsides were caused by my feet swelling more than usual again, and a bit more morning congestion than I've had in a while, but nothing that isn't easily handled.