Oh What a Headache

Today, what a day. I started early and was enjoying breakfast, coffee and web work. I was looking into how to setup a new local web environment so I can move forward on some web development ideas. That is when my headache first started.

It was mind enough that I was just going to ignore it and keep going. I got up, grabbed a snack, started looking into the Live Limelight gathering and outing for tonight and started to get excited. The headache got worse. Tylenol and keep going. I sat back away from the computer and watched some tv. The headache decided to take over.

I emailed the Live Limelight crew telling them I wouldn't be able to go anywhere tonight. Meds, lights out, sounds off, even debated muzzling Vapour (but he decided to curl up with me and nap - smart cat), wrapped up and napped away the evening.

Woke up, yep, headache still here. Mild fever and an upset stomach now added to my night.
Prepped everything for morning, hot tea to help settle my belly and my nightly meds with added tylenol and tums and I'm ready to end this day.

Looking forward to a much better day tomorrow.

Healthwise: Shitty day. Mild fever of 100F tonight. Hopefully a better day tomorrow.  At least breathing was good.

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