Photo Friday (A Little Late)

I went out with some friends last night for food, and then ended up getting 'kidnapped' to go watch some live music.  It was a lot of fun and some really good music and conversation.

Went out running errands today and got a tarot reading from a very talented witch here in Charlotte.  I always find it interesting on how accurate/detailed her readings can be.

Anyways,  I have been a little slow lately on getting new photos edited, so I decided to show a photo from my past.  This photo was taken by a friend of mine, of me, with the first digital camera I owned.  This was the first image taken with that camera.

Me, circa 2002

Health-wise:  A pretty good day, no remnants from yesterday.  A little tired from lack of sleep the other night, but not too bad.


Thursday Night Post

Last night was rough.  Heavy congestion and aspiration.  Lots of coughing and little sleep.

Today, well, started very slow.  But after some extra breathing exercises, more coughing and a good pot of coffee, all seemed to be getting better.

I took the afternoon away from the computer, and randomly catnapped, catching up on some sleep missed last night.  I was also waiting for Shannon to contact me about designing/working on her website.  She did not get in contact with me.  Oh well.

I'm finding, recently, a lot of little things (and not so little things) are making me quite annoyed and irritated.  I'm also sensing a change coming, not really sure what, but a change.  I'm hoping it will be good.

Health-wise:  Lots of congestion last night and this morning which was over come.  Extra napping today to catch up on missed sleep.


Just Another Day

As it says, today was just another day.  After not getting to sleep until about 4am, I woke up to a nice pot of coffee brewing.  I didn't get to sleep until so late because I was wired on sugar and caffeine (coders diet) after working on DomCon LA's website until just after 2am.

Today after the slow start, watched another great webinar on CreativeLIVE.  This one was with all about the differences between Full Frame and APS D-SLR cameras.  Great information!

Afterwards, I ran to get my meds for the month, and was surprised by a call from by best friend from back home!  It was great hearing from him.  Then an enjoyable solo dinner at Saigon Palace for some some good Pho soup.

Health-wise:  Good, no annoyances today.


Oops!  I forgot to post last night!  Well, here is a quicky post...

I had a very good weekend, and felt great.  It was good to hang out with the household and to get together with them just for the fun of it and enjoy doing stuff together.  This is stuff that is just fun to do, and not on anyone's schedule or list of things that have to get done.  Yay fun times!

Today was busy busy busy.  I spent the day working on fixing/cleaning up the photo galleries on the DomCon LA website.  A lot of organization, converting, resizing, and then coding...  It's done now and looks pretty good.

Health-wise:  Good day, and overall good weekend too.