Photo Friday

It is another Photo Friday again.  My mind has been on a lot this week and it has passed pretty quickly.

Today was a much better start than yesterday.  I went out and saw The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  I absolutely loved the movie.  It was in Swedish with subtitles, but I hardly noticed.  This is a type of film I can only wish Hollywood would make these days.

Dad got moved to be near the window!  This is a great thing, it makes the room feel a little bigger for him.  He had his epidural removed today and is in a bit more discomfort today than yesterday.  His fever has not broken yet, so they changed up the antibiotics.  Today seems to be the day some concerns became known. His blood levels are lower and his breathing more labored.  I feel these are possibly related and when combined with the fever may mean a lung infection.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring good news and him feeling better than today.

Well, this being Photo Friday, I will post a photo I took recently.  Last week Vapour started acting up near the patio door, so I went to take a look to see what got his attention.  It was another deer!  This time not in the woods, but on the mowed grass grazing.

Health-wise:  Today was a good day.  A little congestion to start the day, but that passed quickly.  Good energy, breathing and strength.


Looking Forward

Today was just a weird, maybe 'off' day for me.  I woke up a few minutes before my alarm.  It felt that I was mid-aspiration and congested.  It was a very weird feeling, one I have not had in a long time.  It is not pleasant waking to the taste of acid in your throat and mouth, especially while congested.

I got up and started my day as most others, my meds and coffee.  But the congestion lasted much longer than normal. It did not really go away today, it just lessened.

I called up to the hospital today, and got to speak with dad.  He is doing well.  He is able to be up and walking today which is great news.  However, he is still on the epidural, and it will be interesting to see how he does and how everything goes once that is removed in the next day (or so).  It was good to here, from him, how he is doing.  I think he will be recovering a little longer than he has in mind (based on my personal experience), but I think he will do well with it.  He does have really good support with Claudette, and I am grateful that she is there and able to do all she does.

Considering today was a bit of a wash, I am looking forward to a good night of sleep and getting a few things done this weekend (actually starting tomorrow).  I think I will see the movie, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, tomorrow afternoon.  I am also wanting to get some photos edited and finalized this weekend.  I am also planning on getting out and do a 'photowalk' somewhere this weekend, either a neighbourhood, or park here in Charlotte.

After playing with the iPad in the store, just to see what it was like, I realized that I really do want to get one!  It has now been added to my personal list of things to buy.  It is lower on the list than several other things, such as my website hosting, a new wide angle lens, new coffee pot, another portable hard drive, etc.  Maybe next year will be more realistic for an iPad purchase, maybe the next-gen version.

Health-wise:  Today was just messed up.  Body wise, I felt pretty good, minimal aches and pains.  My left leg (knee/groin/hip) felt normal for the first time this year.  Congestion was present from this morning and has only lessened as the day passed.  Hopefully all will be better tomorrow.


Early Night

It's Wednesday, and it's been a long day.  I did not get any sleep last night.  I stayed up and called home early, hoping to talk to dad before he went to the hospital.  It was not meant to be, apparently they left for the hospital about five minutes before I called.

I went about today, as normally as I could, yet constantly having my mind and thoughts on dad and his surgery.  I was in contact with my sister regularly, each of us wondering if the other had heard any news.  I ended up calling the hospital and found out that dad just made it up to his room.  I spoke with Claudette and got the news that as far as she knew at the time everything went well.

Later we found out that there were some complications but were handled promptly and should not cause any trouble.  Dad is doing fairly well and resting comfortably tonight.  He will be very happy to learn that his favorite hockey team, the Montreal Canadians, beat the defending Cup-Champs, the Pittsburg Penguins in game seven in commanding style.

I did take part in my online class today and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The FREE class by John Greengo at Creative Live has been amazing.  I am looking forward to next week's class and future classes from this great site/service!

Went and saw the matinee movie showing of Iron Man 2 with Wuggie.  Enjoyed the movie, but realized that I am really starting to hate that movies are having scenes in the ads/trailers that are not in the movie.

I am going to bed early tonight, and hopefully will be well rested tomorrow.

Health-wise:  Tired today from lack of sleep last night, caused by stress/worry over dad.  Mild congestion this morning, other than that all was good.

It's Tuesday - Really

Today is Tuesday. Seriously. Had some good conversations with a couple of my Canadian friends online today. Went out with Wuggie for dinner and fun tonight. Good times.

Found out that Dad goes in for surgery at 8am (NST) or about 6:30am, my time. I feel horrible that I didn't get around to call him tonight, but once I got around to calling, it was really late his time. With him having to get up so early, I did not want to risk waking him.

Chatted with my sister, she is stressing over this more than she tried to let on a week ago. I'm very concerned. I'm used to being the sick one, having to be waiting and hoping for the best while not able to do anything really SUCKS! This makes me realize how much my family and close friends have gone through with me.

I tried to get to sleep earlier, but I can't sleep. I am going to stay up and call dad before he leaves for the hospital, about 4:15 am my time.

Health-wise: Congested this morning, but it cleared up by lunchtime after I finished breakfast and a pot of coffee. Left leg is feeling better since I've stopped wearing the cowboy boots and their heels.


Non Day

It was a good weekend.  I hung out with the household as Mistress LunaSea and shannon prepped for their west coast trip.

Found out some good news about my camera.  The problem I am having with the wide angle lens not 'talking to' my camera is a problem with the lens and not the camera itself.  This is great news!

Now today, not much on the go.  Hung out online chatting with a friend for part of the day.  Got a phone call from Mistress LunaSea (from the west coast) wondering if I could add stuff to the DomCon LA website.  Can I, yes.  However there is no where designated for it and the page that should be used, has been replaced with a place holder page.  I'm guessing someone else was updating it.  All of this for a website on an event that starts in less than 3 days!  This is crazy, all of this stuff should have been done and online weeks ago.  There are just too many cooks and little direction on the website.  This irritates me, because with anything I work on, I want to do a great job and create a great final product.  This is just not possible with this now.

Health-wise:  Today was good.  Just a little tired this afternoon, so I took a nap.