Early Night

It's Wednesday, and it's been a long day.  I did not get any sleep last night.  I stayed up and called home early, hoping to talk to dad before he went to the hospital.  It was not meant to be, apparently they left for the hospital about five minutes before I called.

I went about today, as normally as I could, yet constantly having my mind and thoughts on dad and his surgery.  I was in contact with my sister regularly, each of us wondering if the other had heard any news.  I ended up calling the hospital and found out that dad just made it up to his room.  I spoke with Claudette and got the news that as far as she knew at the time everything went well.

Later we found out that there were some complications but were handled promptly and should not cause any trouble.  Dad is doing fairly well and resting comfortably tonight.  He will be very happy to learn that his favorite hockey team, the Montreal Canadians, beat the defending Cup-Champs, the Pittsburg Penguins in game seven in commanding style.

I did take part in my online class today and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The FREE class by John Greengo at Creative Live has been amazing.  I am looking forward to next week's class and future classes from this great site/service!

Went and saw the matinee movie showing of Iron Man 2 with Wuggie.  Enjoyed the movie, but realized that I am really starting to hate that movies are having scenes in the ads/trailers that are not in the movie.

I am going to bed early tonight, and hopefully will be well rested tomorrow.

Health-wise:  Tired today from lack of sleep last night, caused by stress/worry over dad.  Mild congestion this morning, other than that all was good.

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