It's Tuesday - Really

Today is Tuesday. Seriously. Had some good conversations with a couple of my Canadian friends online today. Went out with Wuggie for dinner and fun tonight. Good times.

Found out that Dad goes in for surgery at 8am (NST) or about 6:30am, my time. I feel horrible that I didn't get around to call him tonight, but once I got around to calling, it was really late his time. With him having to get up so early, I did not want to risk waking him.

Chatted with my sister, she is stressing over this more than she tried to let on a week ago. I'm very concerned. I'm used to being the sick one, having to be waiting and hoping for the best while not able to do anything really SUCKS! This makes me realize how much my family and close friends have gone through with me.

I tried to get to sleep earlier, but I can't sleep. I am going to stay up and call dad before he leaves for the hospital, about 4:15 am my time.

Health-wise: Congested this morning, but it cleared up by lunchtime after I finished breakfast and a pot of coffee. Left leg is feeling better since I've stopped wearing the cowboy boots and their heels.

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