Photo Friday!

Wow!  This week has passed quickly.  It is already Photo Friday again.  I have been playing with the mac so much, getting things set up, and making lists of things to do, I forgot that I would have to set up my photo workflow as well.  Well, that is going to take some serious thinking and time.  So for now, and until I have that setup Photo Fridays will be compliments of my pc.

"Thoughtful (aka Cheesecake)"  ©2006 
Photographer: Me 

This is one of two photos that I have printed and framed in the Ikaros Art Collective.  I have been asked to provide another print this year!

Health-wise:  I had a great day today.  Little congestion, minor aches, and no additional tiredness.



I finally sent in the documents to have my passport renewed.  Until my passport returns, I will have to stay within the borders of the US.  Already, I have plans to go to Montreal, PQ later this Spring and a personal goal to go on my first cruise later this year -- I will definitely need my passport!

Being a Sagittarius, one of my 'traits' is wanderlust.  I absolutely have a need to travel and be on the move regularly.  It doesn't always have to be large trips, but even little weekend trips away from the standard recharge my batteries.  I'm looking forward to see what I capture with the camera from my travels this year.

Health-wise: Today was a good day, active this morning and feeling good for the rest of the day little congestion and my energy was better than the last few days.  Looks like the new iron supplements may be helping.  Need to refocus on weight gain now.

And Life Continues Upward

Well,   I am very amazed on how good my year is progressing.  As I start looking at setting up my freelance profiles on a couple of websites, I get word from a few sources that I am being submitted for a some small, and not so small projects.

Just putting the focus and energy out there seems to be starting to clear the way for me this year!

As I continue to setup the mac, I am reminded there is some software I will have to purchase so that I can continue to do some of the work that I used to do on the pc.  Dreamweaver and Photoshop are high on my list of programs to get promptly.  Until I get those programs, I will still be able to use my pc and use some free/open software on the mac to do the same job.

Health-wise:  Today was a good day, I was taking it slow, but no tiring nor extra congestion today!


Simple Things

I find that now I am 'retired', I take my time a lot more than I did.  I'm not as fast to commit my time to any one thing, and as the saying goes, I'm taking the time to smell the roses.

Daily, I take stock of who I am and what I am doing.  It's often the little things that put the smile on my face that I so often feel has become more a part of me than it ever was before.

While living in the southern US, I do not have a regular supply, or easy access to Tim Horton's coffee.  However, this past trip home, I picked up several pounds of the grind and brought it back with me.  Now, waking up to the smell of a fresh pot of 'timmies' brewing, always starts my day with a smile.

Health-wise:  Good day today, just the side effects of the anemia.  However, picked up a new iron supplement, so hopefully this will help.

It Continues To Be A Good Year

I had an enjoyable weekend.  No stress, wonderful and relaxing.  Caught up with my sister over brunch, and spoke about how this appears to be a great year.

That, and I got my MACBOOK PRO!!!  Another 2010 goal achieved.  This one happened much faster than expected thanks to a wonderful surprise gift from dad.  I've spent my time recently transferring my photos over to the mac, and doing a lot of reading/tutorials on how to use and make the most of the new system.  I have to say, I am very impressed with everything so far -- and in turn, wondering why it has taken me so long before I made getting a mac a personal priority.

Health-wise:  I have been taking things very slowly.  Breathing is affected by the anemia, and I am getting tired quickly because of it as well.