What a Weekend

It was an absolutely amazing weekend.  Meeting up with friends and family for Philip and Victoria's wedding.

The wedding, ceremony, and well, everything was wonderful and beautiful.  It was great to finally get to meet Victoria, I had heard nothing but great things about her, and I have to say, they all seem to be right!

Congratulations Philip and Victoria!

Also, this weekend, I finally got to meet Hannah, 3 years after she was born to my cousin Ann.  I have a lot of photos of her, thanks to my aunt and Ann, but now I finally met this beautiful little girl.  Yes, I did take a few photos with her in them... and by few, I mean a lot.

I know I didn't post any photos on Friday, I was busy trying to get to Montreal, but I did take several hundred photos of the wedding and family, so I will make sure some get posted this coming Friday.

Health-wise:  Breathing is pretty good, but my back/side did not get better over the weekend, and were worsened by the moving of the luggage and flights back.  Planning on taking it easy the next few days and letting the back heal up while I go though all the photos I took.