Photo Friday!

Wow, it's Photo Friday already.  This week seemed to fly by.  I noticed that I forgot to post a photo last week, so this week, I'll post a few!

The first two are photos from when we had snow here in Charlotte.  It happens yearly, but we never seem to be ready for the few days of snow we get.  Very different from where I grew up!

©2010 SCS - Charlotte Snow 1

©2010 SCS - Charlotte Snow 5

Now, I mentioned that I cooked a traditional meal for my sister and her boyfriend the other day, here is a photo of making her boyfriend 'an honourary Newfoundlander' by way of a Screech In.

©2010 SCS - Shawn Screech In 7

Health-wise:  Today was much better than the last couple, minimal congestion, but still developed a headache in the afternoon.  Took note of it to mention to the doc during my next visit.


Yesterday - Take 2

Well, today was a lot like yesterday. Blah.  Just there was a bit of an improvement over yesterday.

I did watch a live streaming of Chase Jarvis' workflow!  Very well done and very informative.  Immediately afterwards I watched a Lightroom 3 Beta 'brown bag' chat about publishing features in this product.  Concise and very well demoed.

Great day for learning.

Health-wise:  Repeat of yesterday.  Blah.  Just slightly better today and no fever.


Today Is Fired!

Today was a complete loss.  I woke up not feeling well.  I felt as though I had aspirated and my upper left lung was heavily congested and sore.  Even after my meds, coffee and breakfast it did not let up.  I developed a chill/fever before noon and just decided to give in.  I took some Tylenol to fight the fever and lay down and slept most of the afternoon.  Vapour loved it, he curled up on me and napped, helping keep me warm.

Feeling a little better, I got a light dinner and quiet this evening.  The only exception was the joy and excitement I encountered when Canada beat Russia in the Olympics Men's Ice Hockey.  Great job by the Canadian team!

Health-wise: Not so good.  Better now before I head to bed, but not a good day.


Chores of Life

What a day.  I never would have thought it was so hard to find a bake element for my oven.  Sunday night, when I did up the 'Jigg's Dinner', my bake element shorted out and burnt about half way around.  Now I'm hunting for a replacement.  It seems, very few places actually carry them, and it looks like the style/size changed for each brand almost on a yearly basis.  Now to hunt down the model number and hope for the best tomorrow.

I, finally, received my book on the medicare plans, so I can make an informed choice to select the medicare plans that I will opt for this year. (Well, once I start getting the benefits in May.)  It's only a 126 page book full of information.  Hopefully it's easy to read and understand.  I feel my day tomorrow will be taken up reading and making notes.

Health-wise:  Today was a good day, a little slow to start, but a good day, once I got my first coffee into me.


Weekend Update

Wow, this weekend passed quickly.  It was a great weekend.  Spent this Spring-like beautiful weekend spending time with close ones.

Enjoyed a quiet day with Mistress LunaSea, talking and catching up, one-on-one.  Definitely something that puts me in a good mood, but something I need to be doing more.  We had a good brunch, and some quiet time running a couple of errands.

Then Sunday, I cooked a traditional meal from home for my sister and her boyfriend.  The meal, called a Jigg's Dinner, turned out fantastic!  I really enjoyed cooking for more than me, and having it enjoyed and ravenously consumed.

Health-wise:  Today I woke congested and developed a mild headache in the afternoon. All cleared up by dinner, but overall just a blah day.