Photo Friday!

Wow, it's Photo Friday already.  This week seemed to fly by.  I noticed that I forgot to post a photo last week, so this week, I'll post a few!

The first two are photos from when we had snow here in Charlotte.  It happens yearly, but we never seem to be ready for the few days of snow we get.  Very different from where I grew up!

©2010 SCS - Charlotte Snow 1

©2010 SCS - Charlotte Snow 5

Now, I mentioned that I cooked a traditional meal for my sister and her boyfriend the other day, here is a photo of making her boyfriend 'an honourary Newfoundlander' by way of a Screech In.

©2010 SCS - Shawn Screech In 7

Health-wise:  Today was much better than the last couple, minimal congestion, but still developed a headache in the afternoon.  Took note of it to mention to the doc during my next visit.

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