Chores of Life

What a day.  I never would have thought it was so hard to find a bake element for my oven.  Sunday night, when I did up the 'Jigg's Dinner', my bake element shorted out and burnt about half way around.  Now I'm hunting for a replacement.  It seems, very few places actually carry them, and it looks like the style/size changed for each brand almost on a yearly basis.  Now to hunt down the model number and hope for the best tomorrow.

I, finally, received my book on the medicare plans, so I can make an informed choice to select the medicare plans that I will opt for this year. (Well, once I start getting the benefits in May.)  It's only a 126 page book full of information.  Hopefully it's easy to read and understand.  I feel my day tomorrow will be taken up reading and making notes.

Health-wise:  Today was a good day, a little slow to start, but a good day, once I got my first coffee into me.

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