Photo Friday

Even though I had a bad breathing day this week, a lot of good things happened.

I received the title to my car after finally paying it off.

I received my new passport in the mail. Now I can start thinking about where I can travel this year.

Finally, my sister ordered the software I require for working on websites and photos for me. My transition to the Mac is almost complete!

Here is a photo, taken with my iPhone of the framed prints I hung this week. The model in all of these prints is Mistress LunaSea.

Tomorrow night, I am shooting photos of Red All Over, live at a local club. I am excited, I always have a good time shooting a live performance in club lighting. It should be a lot of fun.

Health-wise: Today was a good day, a little congestion came on late this evening as a thunderstorm was clearing up.


Mostly Dead Day

Last night I aspirated.  I was up most of the night coughing and 'emptying my lungs'.  Not fun at all.  No rest.

I did get up with my alarm today and took my meds, and drank a pot of coffee.  I kept my Oxygen on all day to help with recouping.  I wasn't up for food until mid-afternoon, and then not very much.  Multiple naps (with a snuggly kitty) made up my day.

Tonight, my sister came over and we went for food, and then we purchased much needed software for me online. Yay!  By the end of next week, I should have the software in the mail and installed on the mac!

Health-wise:  Overall, today was a lost day.  I felt like 'death-warmed-over' most of the day and had no energy.  Heavy congestion, and no energy.


Done In By Food

Today was a weird day...  Once I got my second cup of coffee into me, breathing cleared up and all seemed to be going well.  Breathing was off this morning because, yesterday, just across the NC/SC border they did a major controlled forest burn and that kicked up a lot of smoke into the air that sat over Charlotte for a while.  Not good for my breathing.  But at least that is moved on now.

I started making plans for the day, did more online tutorials for photography and making plans to do some more photo shoots soon.  Also, I found out that They Might Be Giants were playing in town tonight.  I started making plans to go and all looked good.  Then I had supper.  I ate the last of my leftover Fisherman's Brewis and enjoyed every bite.  Too bad my stomach had to stretch so far to accommodate all that food.  Shortly after eating, my stomach started hurting and I got nauseated with a serious headache.  Shortly thereafter I canceled all my night time plans.

Hot tea, and rest are all I'm doing tonight.

Health-wise:  Overall today was pretty good, just very slow to start with the breathing and overate this evening.  


Photos Finally On My Walls

Wow, today I slept in and then I was very productive around the apartment and on the computer.

Once I finally got up and got coffee, I started in on a couple of tutorials for Lightroom and photography.  Very very good.  Afterwards I was motivated to get some framed photos of Mistress LunaSea, put up on the wall.  These are copies of the photos I submitted to the Ikaros Art Collective last year.

Getting up and down off of the couch to put the photos on the wall over the couch made me tired.  It also made me realize that I have lost some mobility and strength in my knees.  I will be working on increasing the strength in my legs now starting tomorrow.

I'm excited to know that tomorrow I will be ordering Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop CS4 for the mac...  I will be back to full speed on the computer once they come in!  Yay!

Health-wise:  Congested this morning, slept in later than normal because of that.  Again tho, once I had my coffee breathing cleared up and all was good.


Weekend of Chores and Food

What a weekend...

I spent this beautiful weekend taking care of business.  Laundry, research, reading and cooking.
I took my time as I went through my lists and got things done.

The apartment (minus the bedroom) is completely cleaned up now.  I have been getting myself to clean it little by little and now there is only a couple of 'piles' in the bedroom to finish and the whole apartment will be to where I like to keep it.  With my current attitude, and practice of cleaning a little each day, I'm hoping to keep things like this for a long while now.

I finally had the rest of the household over and cooked a traditional meal from home for them.  They seemed to enjoy the Fisherman's Brewis that I prepared and the tastes of Newfoundland Screech, Purity Syrup, Peppermint Knobs, and Purity Kisses.  I have to say I throughly enjoyed it too.

After having leftovers for lunch on Monday, I called my sister and she came over after work, had a meal and took leftovers of the Fisherman's Brewis home.  Definitely a great meal, but boy, did I make a lot of it...

Health-wise:  All weekend and today was great, once I've had my morning coffee.  After that coffee all is right with the world.  However before it, I have to say the breathing is a little rough and cough-y.  Sleep is still a little erratic, but it seems to be calming down now that I am getting myself on a more strict sleep/wake schedule.