Done In By Food

Today was a weird day...  Once I got my second cup of coffee into me, breathing cleared up and all seemed to be going well.  Breathing was off this morning because, yesterday, just across the NC/SC border they did a major controlled forest burn and that kicked up a lot of smoke into the air that sat over Charlotte for a while.  Not good for my breathing.  But at least that is moved on now.

I started making plans for the day, did more online tutorials for photography and making plans to do some more photo shoots soon.  Also, I found out that They Might Be Giants were playing in town tonight.  I started making plans to go and all looked good.  Then I had supper.  I ate the last of my leftover Fisherman's Brewis and enjoyed every bite.  Too bad my stomach had to stretch so far to accommodate all that food.  Shortly after eating, my stomach started hurting and I got nauseated with a serious headache.  Shortly thereafter I canceled all my night time plans.

Hot tea, and rest are all I'm doing tonight.

Health-wise:  Overall today was pretty good, just very slow to start with the breathing and overate this evening.  

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