Weekend of Chores and Food

What a weekend...

I spent this beautiful weekend taking care of business.  Laundry, research, reading and cooking.
I took my time as I went through my lists and got things done.

The apartment (minus the bedroom) is completely cleaned up now.  I have been getting myself to clean it little by little and now there is only a couple of 'piles' in the bedroom to finish and the whole apartment will be to where I like to keep it.  With my current attitude, and practice of cleaning a little each day, I'm hoping to keep things like this for a long while now.

I finally had the rest of the household over and cooked a traditional meal from home for them.  They seemed to enjoy the Fisherman's Brewis that I prepared and the tastes of Newfoundland Screech, Purity Syrup, Peppermint Knobs, and Purity Kisses.  I have to say I throughly enjoyed it too.

After having leftovers for lunch on Monday, I called my sister and she came over after work, had a meal and took leftovers of the Fisherman's Brewis home.  Definitely a great meal, but boy, did I make a lot of it...

Health-wise:  All weekend and today was great, once I've had my morning coffee.  After that coffee all is right with the world.  However before it, I have to say the breathing is a little rough and cough-y.  Sleep is still a little erratic, but it seems to be calming down now that I am getting myself on a more strict sleep/wake schedule.

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