Photo (Good) Friday

Today is Good Friday. It was a very good day for me. Breathing went well, and I was able to take care of the pesky tasks that I wasn't able to complete yesterday.

Again, it was an absolutely beautiful day, sunny and around 30C! Me, normally a cool weather, autumn type of person, have been really enjoying the last couple of days. It makes me think, this winter must have really been grey and cold for Charlotte.

Anyways, today's photo was taken, well, today. It was taken off of my back deck. No, I do not live in the country. I actually live in a fairly urban area. These deer showed no reaction to sirens going off, and were just crossing through my condo complex's green area. There were 5 deer in total, 2 seemed to be young and the rest adult-sized.

Health-wise:  Today was a good day.  Tonight I was a little tired, and decided to stay in and take it easy.


Beautiful Day

As the title says, today was a beautiful day.  Sunny, and near 30C.  Took some time today and took care of some errands.  Some have to be repeated tomorrow because some employees were MIA in their offices. Nothing like a nice drive across town, only to have to be repeated tomorrow.

At least Mistress LunaSea was with me for the drive, it made it all the nicer.

All the sunshine and fresh air clobbered me.  I came home, opened the patio door to air out the winter's stuffiness from the apartment, and promptly took a nap.

Health-wise:  Feeling good today.  A little congested, but still better than yesterday and feeling good.


Better Day

Didn't get everything done today, but I did get some things knocked off of my todo list.

Feeling better than yesterday, and after my first coffee of the day, I started craving McDonald's breakfast.  (I haven't had one in a couple of years.)  I caved in and went out and got one to start my day.

Things went well today, and am looking forward to an even better day tomorrow.

Health-wise:  A little congested and easily tired, but better than yesterday.  An obvious day of getting better.


Lousy Day

Woke congested and with a nasty acid taste in my mouth.  Not good.  Obvious signs on aspiration, but I have no idea as to why.  I played by all my 'rules' and this should not have happened.

Strong coffee helped get the day going, but I ended up deciding to take the day and rest and take on extra O2.  All my tasks for today are now tasks for tomorrow.  Errands to the pharmacy, grocery store and a call to the IRS are all having to happen tomorrow.  Laundry is soon going to become a must too.

Back to an early night, much rest and tomorrow will be a better day!

Health-wise:  Not one of my better days.  Congested and drained.


30000ft Overview

Overall, I had a good weekend and a quiet day today.  After stuffing myself silly with great food from Fran's Fill Station on Friday night, I ended up being sick later that night, which made for a lousy Saturday morning.  However, with it being Saturday, taking it quiet with extra coffee and morning cartoons I was feeling better that afternoon.

Spent a quiet afternoon with Mistress LunaSea and Shannon and ended up watching tv and having 'adult beverages' that night.

Sunday, I played with my camera and kept NOTHING that I shot (mostly self photos and shots of my kitty while testing some settings.)

Today was nice and relaxing.  Had to deal with a headache this afternoon, so I took a nap.  (My kitty thought it was also a good idea to nap -- on me.)

Health-wise:  Except for Saturday morning, it was a slow but good weekend.