30000ft Overview

Overall, I had a good weekend and a quiet day today.  After stuffing myself silly with great food from Fran's Fill Station on Friday night, I ended up being sick later that night, which made for a lousy Saturday morning.  However, with it being Saturday, taking it quiet with extra coffee and morning cartoons I was feeling better that afternoon.

Spent a quiet afternoon with Mistress LunaSea and Shannon and ended up watching tv and having 'adult beverages' that night.

Sunday, I played with my camera and kept NOTHING that I shot (mostly self photos and shots of my kitty while testing some settings.)

Today was nice and relaxing.  Had to deal with a headache this afternoon, so I took a nap.  (My kitty thought it was also a good idea to nap -- on me.)

Health-wise:  Except for Saturday morning, it was a slow but good weekend.

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