And It Continues...

Well, here it is, several days after my initial 2012 post.  I was thinking I was going to post more and get a jump on many of my 2012 plans to start this year.  However, all of that has taken a backseat to the way I have been feeling lately.

My last couple of days in Newfoundland were not the best for breathing, but, they were relaxing and enjoyable.  I got to see some people before I left and my folks, amazing as they are, ran around and picked up most of the items on my (and my sister's) Newfoundland goodies list to bring back to Charlotte.  Then, so I could visit friends one last time, they even packed all of it away in my checked bags for me!  I am truly appreciative and grateful to have such loving and caring folks!

My marathon day of travel went extremely well, just very draining!  With the exception of one flight attendant, who seemed to be having a bad day all around, everyone I encountered was absolutely amazing, friendly and helpful.  That, and the portable oxygen concentrator system I have lasted the whole trip on it's internal and external batteries without having to be recharged!  That made for a much less stressful trip!

Since returning to Charlotte, I've spent time with great friends who have helped me run errands and get myself 'settled' back into my apartment.  I am completely drained, I'm sure it's from over doing it - as I always tend to do, and breathing is taxed.  (Last night/this morning it was pretty rough, and I'm sitting here today debating what I will be able to do later - I have a couple of errands that need to be run today.)

I'm looking forward to when my sister, and niece, come to visit and to pick up the Newfoundland goodies brought back for her.

Hopefully, breathing will improve over the next couple of hours and I will be able to run my couple of afternoon errands easily.  As for now, a late breakfast, and home-brewed Tim Horton's coffee is in order.

Until later,

Health Update: Breathing is definitely off today, granted it currently is not as bad was it was at 5am today.  I still have to rate today as a rough health day.