2012 Begins

Well, 2011 is over, and even with it's very rough start, it turned out to be a pretty good year. Live Limelight was launched and is growing and doing well. I became an uncle to the sweetest little girl! My photography improved greatly. I have grown my social circles and improved current relationships. Not to mention I have continued my path of constantly learning.

Overall, I am pleased with my success on my 2011 list. Not everything got done, but that just leaves room for improvement this year. ;)

Here is my 2012 list of goals:

1. Continue weight gain. Add another 10 lbs to total 110 lbs.

2. Have at least 4 over night trips outside of Charlotte

3. Get stephencoombsstudios.com launched

4. Continue 'out of hospital' streak

5. Grow LiveLimelight.com - get ads sold, double viewers, create and maintain G+ page

6. Improve daily exercise routine

7. Restart and keep up with illdieanotherday.blogspot.com (purchase domain for it?)

8. Increase use of Google+

9. Prepare and print at least 1 coffee table photo book

10. Plan, and follow through on at least non-music photo shoot

11. Do a 365 instagram project with new iPhone.

12. Create a WordPress theme

Signing off for now, I will be back more regularly.

Here's to a very happy and fantastic 2012 for everyone!


Health Status: After 2 1/2 weeks of excitement I'm having a very rough breathing start to today.

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