I can't believe that it is Thursday already.  I opened the editor for this post Monday evening.  I wanted to start writing some posts with a little more substance behind them, other than a daily recap/what I've done recently.

Well, as the title says, thoughts, some deep, others, not so much.  Recently I've been finding that I am taking time each day, and just letting myself become distracted with my thoughts.  Sometimes the thoughts are  relatively narrow, petty and superficial.  Kind of a mental debate on what I want to snack on, only to find out that I really should get a meal. Or if I should run out to a coffee shop and enjoy a beverage and people watch, other than relax on the couch with a cup of tea and my cat curled up with me.  Hey, both have great enjoyment depending on how I'm feeling.

Other times, the thoughts are deeper, more along the lines of how am I really doing, healthwise.  Am I deteriorating more than I want to believe?  Am I using my health (or lack there of) as an excuse to myself for allowing me to slack off of some things I want to do?  Am I fooling myself into thinking I can do a lot more than I physically am able to accomplish - or am I right in thinking I am able to do most anything I put my effort towards - granted it may not be as fast, easy or how I thought I could do it, but I am able to get it done.

Then again, there are times when I have thoughts that I know border on dreams, but they all portray visions of what I will be doing for myself in the future.

Now, today, I have found that I am doing a lot of thinking about what projects I am currently working on, and what I am doing with them, and how I can do more and improve my accomplishments with them.  I am also looking into how I want the projects to improve, change, grow in the future.  I also find I keep evaluating my behavior and how/what I think of what I'm doing and with whom I'm spending my time and energy.

Yes, I have been and do a lot of thinking and have many thoughts.  Several of which I'm sure will end up making up posts, or at least parts of posts in the future.

Healthwise:  My health has been all over the place lately.  Last week I lost 3 days to migraines - I do blame the weather.  Then I've been feeling good until yesterday, when the air quality took a dive for the worse.  I ended up doing ok for most of the day, but the longer I was active and doing things I needed to get done, the more I felt it (in a bad way).  Last night, because of it all, I ended up crashing instead of heading out to hear some music.  Today started slow, but I've stayed in and have improved continuously.

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