Photo Friday

It's Friday! Normally this would be a great thing, with me heading out to take in some live music and do my photo thing. That is not the case this week.

The headache continues. Another day of dark, quiet, and meds. On top of it all today, I an completely drained. So, that made for a day of sleep.

I'm disappointed in myself for not getting out or making a Live Limelight event happen this week. (But hey, there is still this weekend. I'm not going to push it, not for my health's sake. )

My sister did send me a couple recent pics of my niece today! Wow, she's cute and getting big. Soon I'll be going over there with camera and lights to do some family portraits with them. That should be a great time.

Well, considering it is photo Friday, here is a recent photo I've taken of my niece.

Anyways, early night and (hopefully) a great headache-free day tomorrow.

Healthwise: Blah. Headache and drained all day. Good side, breathing is good and my feet, even tho they are swollen, they are not as swollen as the last few days.

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