To Montreal

On my way to Montreal. Today started great! Flight on time leaving Charlotte, and upon arrival found my transfer gate right across the hallway. Great, minimal hiking around the airport.

Then a turn of fortune. My flight to Montreal - cancelled. Could not get on the later flight my sister was on. Being rerouted through New York City to Montreal to arrive five hours later than planned. Aaargh!

As I watch the people at the airport, I am noticing very few 'happy' people. Most people just look forlorn or dejected. Few just look like they are here for a purpose and that is all. Overhearing many conversations there is a feeling of hopelessness as flights are delayed, cancelled, or moved all over the place. People are afraid to say anything for fear of being arrested or kicked off of the next flight. People feel they have to just accept whatever the airlines dictate, no matter how bad it may be for them. I feel lucky right now that it looks as though I will make it to Montreal tonight. Many 'passengers' are not as lucky and will not be making their planned/booked destination anytime soon.

Made it to Montreal only five hours later than planned, four of which I was sitting on the tarmac.

Through the serendipity of life, my sister's flights were delayed and we ended up in Montreal about the same time and we just continued on as originally planned, just later.

Health-wise:  Breathing is fine, and I'm feeling good.  After the day of flights and moving my luggage, I pulled something in my left side/back.  Hopefully it clears up tonight.

Night Before

It's the night before me boarding a plane and going to Montreal. Yes, you betcha, I'm excited. One, I'm hyped about visiting and seeing family I don't get to see or talk to much. Also, I just love travelling and this is just a little scratch for that continous itch. Finally, it is a trip to Canada. I find it so recharging to touch Canadian soil from time to time. More so the longer I live elsewhere.

Ran last minute/second errands today. Picked up the lens I'm renting from Bigg's Camera. This is a great experiment of the renting process and playing with a new lens for a week.

Spoke with dad today. He is doing great. I think he may be pushing himself a bit much, but it's great how well he is doing.

Health-wise: I'm a little sore from the massage yesterday, but feeling great. This morning started rough, but breathing improved as the day went on.


Absent Minded

Wow, I had fully intended to write this last night, but as I went about my nightly routine it completely slipped my mind.

Anyway, I had a great day hanging out with Mistress LunaSea, and the household. Ran errands for the trip to Montreal this weekend. I'm almost ready for the trip.

While I was doing a couple of loads of laundry, I took part of the John Greengo lighting course on Creative Live. It was absolutely amazing. It got me rethinking about my lighting setup. What do I need, really?

After the class wuggie gave me an amazing back/chair massage. Tension from my back, neck and shoulders melted away. I really hope his thearaputic massage business, Mending Hands Massage takes off for him. He is really passionate and good.

Dad is now resting at home and doing well. Now, all he has to do is learn how to slow down a little and let himself heal.

Health-wise: Today was a good day, with the exception of a weird feeling after dinner.


Day Off

Today I just noticed last night's post didn't get posted, it was only saved as a draft.  I just posted it.  Mental note:  I've done this a couple of times now, I need to double check on the results of posting.

Today I was just feeling, 'off'.  Nothing wrong, just me being drained and 'off'.  I napped this afternoon with my kitty napping on me.

I have started getting things ready for my weekend trip to see my cousin get married in Montreal.  More will get done tomorrow.

I've prepped the coffee for morning and will be heading to bed shortly.  Tomorrow is going to be a busy day and I will have a lot of things to get accomplished.

Dad is doing even better today.  He should be heading home in the next day or two.

Health-wise:  Today I was just feeling drained and tired.  Not really sure why.  Breathing was ok.



Had a pleasant weekend, enjoyed time on my own just relaxing.

Spent some time running errands for a friend in hospital.  I found it really weird that when I mentioned this to people, almost all of them responded with "You are a really good friend for doing that." or something similar.  I don't understand that reaction.  It was the right thing to do, and it was nothing special to help out a friend.  Why do people think it was something special to help a friend?  Have friendships deteriorated so much in today's society that helping, or doing something that is the right thing to do become exceedingly noteworthy?

Went to a friend's house and it looks like I may end up playing D&D again, the first time in many many years.

Dad is doing much better and all systems are improving.

Picked up Mistress LunaSea from the airport upon Her return from the left coast.  It was great to hear how much fun they had.

Health-wise:  All is going well.