To Montreal

On my way to Montreal. Today started great! Flight on time leaving Charlotte, and upon arrival found my transfer gate right across the hallway. Great, minimal hiking around the airport.

Then a turn of fortune. My flight to Montreal - cancelled. Could not get on the later flight my sister was on. Being rerouted through New York City to Montreal to arrive five hours later than planned. Aaargh!

As I watch the people at the airport, I am noticing very few 'happy' people. Most people just look forlorn or dejected. Few just look like they are here for a purpose and that is all. Overhearing many conversations there is a feeling of hopelessness as flights are delayed, cancelled, or moved all over the place. People are afraid to say anything for fear of being arrested or kicked off of the next flight. People feel they have to just accept whatever the airlines dictate, no matter how bad it may be for them. I feel lucky right now that it looks as though I will make it to Montreal tonight. Many 'passengers' are not as lucky and will not be making their planned/booked destination anytime soon.

Made it to Montreal only five hours later than planned, four of which I was sitting on the tarmac.

Through the serendipity of life, my sister's flights were delayed and we ended up in Montreal about the same time and we just continued on as originally planned, just later.

Health-wise:  Breathing is fine, and I'm feeling good.  After the day of flights and moving my luggage, I pulled something in my left side/back.  Hopefully it clears up tonight.

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