Had a pleasant weekend, enjoyed time on my own just relaxing.

Spent some time running errands for a friend in hospital.  I found it really weird that when I mentioned this to people, almost all of them responded with "You are a really good friend for doing that." or something similar.  I don't understand that reaction.  It was the right thing to do, and it was nothing special to help out a friend.  Why do people think it was something special to help a friend?  Have friendships deteriorated so much in today's society that helping, or doing something that is the right thing to do become exceedingly noteworthy?

Went to a friend's house and it looks like I may end up playing D&D again, the first time in many many years.

Dad is doing much better and all systems are improving.

Picked up Mistress LunaSea from the airport upon Her return from the left coast.  It was great to hear how much fun they had.

Health-wise:  All is going well.

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