Night Before

It's the night before me boarding a plane and going to Montreal. Yes, you betcha, I'm excited. One, I'm hyped about visiting and seeing family I don't get to see or talk to much. Also, I just love travelling and this is just a little scratch for that continous itch. Finally, it is a trip to Canada. I find it so recharging to touch Canadian soil from time to time. More so the longer I live elsewhere.

Ran last minute/second errands today. Picked up the lens I'm renting from Bigg's Camera. This is a great experiment of the renting process and playing with a new lens for a week.

Spoke with dad today. He is doing great. I think he may be pushing himself a bit much, but it's great how well he is doing.

Health-wise: I'm a little sore from the massage yesterday, but feeling great. This morning started rough, but breathing improved as the day went on.

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