Day Off

Today I just noticed last night's post didn't get posted, it was only saved as a draft.  I just posted it.  Mental note:  I've done this a couple of times now, I need to double check on the results of posting.

Today I was just feeling, 'off'.  Nothing wrong, just me being drained and 'off'.  I napped this afternoon with my kitty napping on me.

I have started getting things ready for my weekend trip to see my cousin get married in Montreal.  More will get done tomorrow.

I've prepped the coffee for morning and will be heading to bed shortly.  Tomorrow is going to be a busy day and I will have a lot of things to get accomplished.

Dad is doing even better today.  He should be heading home in the next day or two.

Health-wise:  Today I was just feeling drained and tired.  Not really sure why.  Breathing was ok.

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