Absent Minded

Wow, I had fully intended to write this last night, but as I went about my nightly routine it completely slipped my mind.

Anyway, I had a great day hanging out with Mistress LunaSea, and the household. Ran errands for the trip to Montreal this weekend. I'm almost ready for the trip.

While I was doing a couple of loads of laundry, I took part of the John Greengo lighting course on Creative Live. It was absolutely amazing. It got me rethinking about my lighting setup. What do I need, really?

After the class wuggie gave me an amazing back/chair massage. Tension from my back, neck and shoulders melted away. I really hope his thearaputic massage business, Mending Hands Massage takes off for him. He is really passionate and good.

Dad is now resting at home and doing well. Now, all he has to do is learn how to slow down a little and let himself heal.

Health-wise: Today was a good day, with the exception of a weird feeling after dinner.

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