Oven Fixed

Today the landlord came by and replaced the burnt out bake element with a new one.  Now I can bake/roast/etc again.  I never thought I would miss frozen pizza so much.  I will probably pick up a turkey breast to roast this weekend and have amazing sandwiches next week.

I've started playing a 'collectable card game' online.  Yeah, a game like Magic, or V:TES, just online.  I just may be addicted.  I've spent about 8 hours a day for the last couple of days learning how to play and playing it.

Just as a change of pace, I did an online tutorial for web development today.  I'm looking at cleaning or getting my camera cleaned this weekend.

Health-wise:  Breathing is going really well, even with all the pollen being blown around.  However, my back went into spasms a couple of times today, and even now is achey and sore.



I'm pretty hyped about learning now.  Yesterday, Chase Jarvis announced a new creative learning website CreativeLive.com and I signed up for my first class.  I did the first (of ten) weekly classes and it was amazing!  Today, I did a single light source webinar from Joe McNally!

I am so excited to be learning again, and putting what I learn into practice.  This should be a great summer!

Health-wise:  Not much to say, other than it was a good day.



Today, wow.

My landlord came by to fix the oven, but brought the wrong element.  He will be back tomorrow with the right one to fix it.  Baking soon!

While driving home from Greenville, I passed some locations that made me think about some friends that I had lost contact with in the last six-seven years.  I woke up this morning and had a Linked-In message from one of them, asking me to look him up on Facebook.  From there, I found the other guy from our little group.  By tonight, I had contacted each of them and received messages back.  Hoping to stay in touch a bit better now.

Health-wise:  Another good day.  Nothing special, just good -- no aches, pains or congestion of note.


Home Again

After a great time with Mistress LunaSea and Shannon presenting at ECU last night, today I drove back to Charlotte.  Two days in a row I drove 5 hrs in a stretch.  Not something I am used to, and now my shoulders are aching and I am looking forward to a good night of sleep. (Bt then again, when am I not wanting a good night sleep these days.)

Also, my landlord contacted me, an he will be getting my oven fixed this week!  This is great news, I have been without the ability to bake/roast anything bigger than my toaster-oven for about a month now.  I will be looking forward to roasting a turkey breast for sandwiches soon...

Health-wise:  Great day, just a little sore from a couple of days of long drives.


On the Go

A surprisingly restful weekend, however, I constantly seemed to be 'on the go'. Errands, laundry, getting together with friends. I would have to say it was a good weekend.

Sunday, the adventure of going to a gun show that wasn't turned into a good time out. Friends picked me up to go to a gun show only to find out it is NEXT weekend. We ended up goofing around NoDa. Good times.

Monday, drove to ECU, Greenville and participated with Mistress LunaSea in a presentation on Domination & Fetishes for a Sociology class. On the way there, almost ran out of gas - very nerve wracking. Thankfully it all turned out ok.

Health-wise: Fairly good, erratic sleep, and only morning congestion.