Oven Fixed

Today the landlord came by and replaced the burnt out bake element with a new one.  Now I can bake/roast/etc again.  I never thought I would miss frozen pizza so much.  I will probably pick up a turkey breast to roast this weekend and have amazing sandwiches next week.

I've started playing a 'collectable card game' online.  Yeah, a game like Magic, or V:TES, just online.  I just may be addicted.  I've spent about 8 hours a day for the last couple of days learning how to play and playing it.

Just as a change of pace, I did an online tutorial for web development today.  I'm looking at cleaning or getting my camera cleaned this weekend.

Health-wise:  Breathing is going really well, even with all the pollen being blown around.  However, my back went into spasms a couple of times today, and even now is achey and sore.

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