Photo Friday

It is another Photo Friday again.  My mind has been on a lot this week and it has passed pretty quickly.

Today was a much better start than yesterday.  I went out and saw The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  I absolutely loved the movie.  It was in Swedish with subtitles, but I hardly noticed.  This is a type of film I can only wish Hollywood would make these days.

Dad got moved to be near the window!  This is a great thing, it makes the room feel a little bigger for him.  He had his epidural removed today and is in a bit more discomfort today than yesterday.  His fever has not broken yet, so they changed up the antibiotics.  Today seems to be the day some concerns became known. His blood levels are lower and his breathing more labored.  I feel these are possibly related and when combined with the fever may mean a lung infection.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring good news and him feeling better than today.

Well, this being Photo Friday, I will post a photo I took recently.  Last week Vapour started acting up near the patio door, so I went to take a look to see what got his attention.  It was another deer!  This time not in the woods, but on the mowed grass grazing.

Health-wise:  Today was a good day.  A little congestion to start the day, but that passed quickly.  Good energy, breathing and strength.

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