Post Productive Day - A Not So Productive Day

Well, today was mostly just a dull blah day.  I got up to a good pot of coffee brewing, and did my new exercise routine for the first time...  Then I took a pain killer.  Yep over did it a little, and will have to be a bit more careful tomorrow.  Other than that, today has been kinda bland.  After a very productive day yesterday, I ended up doing very little today.  A little computer work, and then pretty much a day of random thoughts, relaxing, social media websites and television.

I looked over a few things that I wanted to accomplish, and well, I decided to do them all later.  Actually, I don't think it was a conscious decision, more of I just didn't get around to doing any of it and I will eventually do it later.  I did download the latest version of MAMP to install, but did not install it yet.  I tested printing to my 5x8 card stock for my home cookbook, and all of that worked out well.  Once I get a few more recipes typed up, I'll be starting to print and put them in my cook book binder.

Looking forward to getting together with the rest of the Live Limelight crew tomorrow and having a discussion on how we are going to proceed and possibly take in a show late tomorrow night.

Too bed early, and hopefully a good night of sleep and peaceful dreams before tomorrow.

Healthwise:  Breathing was good today, but my feet have swollen up again and haven't really been down to normal size in about a week now.  The feet are swollen enough that making putting on my sneakers a nuisance and that makes me wanting to go out less.  But hopefully that will improve as time goes on.  Overall, I would have to say today was an blah health day.

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