Photo (Good) Friday

Today is Good Friday. It was a very good day for me. Breathing went well, and I was able to take care of the pesky tasks that I wasn't able to complete yesterday.

Again, it was an absolutely beautiful day, sunny and around 30C! Me, normally a cool weather, autumn type of person, have been really enjoying the last couple of days. It makes me think, this winter must have really been grey and cold for Charlotte.

Anyways, today's photo was taken, well, today. It was taken off of my back deck. No, I do not live in the country. I actually live in a fairly urban area. These deer showed no reaction to sirens going off, and were just crossing through my condo complex's green area. There were 5 deer in total, 2 seemed to be young and the rest adult-sized.

Health-wise:  Today was a good day.  Tonight I was a little tired, and decided to stay in and take it easy.

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