Photos Finally On My Walls

Wow, today I slept in and then I was very productive around the apartment and on the computer.

Once I finally got up and got coffee, I started in on a couple of tutorials for Lightroom and photography.  Very very good.  Afterwards I was motivated to get some framed photos of Mistress LunaSea, put up on the wall.  These are copies of the photos I submitted to the Ikaros Art Collective last year.

Getting up and down off of the couch to put the photos on the wall over the couch made me tired.  It also made me realize that I have lost some mobility and strength in my knees.  I will be working on increasing the strength in my legs now starting tomorrow.

I'm excited to know that tomorrow I will be ordering Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop CS4 for the mac...  I will be back to full speed on the computer once they come in!  Yay!

Health-wise:  Congested this morning, slept in later than normal because of that.  Again tho, once I had my coffee breathing cleared up and all was good.

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