Mostly Dead Day

Last night I aspirated.  I was up most of the night coughing and 'emptying my lungs'.  Not fun at all.  No rest.

I did get up with my alarm today and took my meds, and drank a pot of coffee.  I kept my Oxygen on all day to help with recouping.  I wasn't up for food until mid-afternoon, and then not very much.  Multiple naps (with a snuggly kitty) made up my day.

Tonight, my sister came over and we went for food, and then we purchased much needed software for me online. Yay!  By the end of next week, I should have the software in the mail and installed on the mac!

Health-wise:  Overall, today was a lost day.  I felt like 'death-warmed-over' most of the day and had no energy.  Heavy congestion, and no energy.

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