Just Another Day

As it says, today was just another day.  After not getting to sleep until about 4am, I woke up to a nice pot of coffee brewing.  I didn't get to sleep until so late because I was wired on sugar and caffeine (coders diet) after working on DomCon LA's website until just after 2am.

Today after the slow start, watched another great webinar on CreativeLIVE.  This one was with all about the differences between Full Frame and APS D-SLR cameras.  Great information!

Afterwards, I ran to get my meds for the month, and was surprised by a call from by best friend from back home!  It was great hearing from him.  Then an enjoyable solo dinner at Saigon Palace for some some good Pho soup.

Health-wise:  Good, no annoyances today.

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