Off Day

Today can be chalked up as -- weird.

I woke, before my alarm, to my kitty standing on me pawing at my head.  He had NEVER done that before.  As I awoke, I became aware of congestion and it felt as if I was aspirating as I was waking.  (Maybe my kitty was trying to help me.)

Obviously, I did not feel well this morning, even after my meds and coffee.  But, as I usually do, when I have things I need to get done, I pushed on and got myself moving.  A little behind schedule, I made it to the bank and then took a small break (to grab a coffee and a breather) at a bookstore, where I picked up a photography magazine.

I then, completed my main goal of the day -- I delivered the photos from Saturday night to a member of Red All Over, and proceeded to have a good conversation with him.  I showed him some of the photos, on my iPhone, and he seemed very excited and happy with them.

I headed home, still not feeling great, and crashed with my kitty curling up next to me.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more back to my recent 'normal' than today was.

Health-wise:  Congested, easily tired, and achey all day.

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