Photo Friday (Off Day)

Today definitely falls into the category of an 'off day' for me.  I woke, much like yesterday, with some congestion and a hard cough.  Thankfully, that cleared up and eased after my meds, caffeine, and brunch.  With plans of finishing some photo edits and going out tonight to see some live music I was pretty happy.  That is when I started to ache, have some body pains and a splitting headache.  Some pain killers later, I lay down to nap and let the meds do their thing.

I napped for about 4 hrs!  This is longer than I usually sleep at night without interruption.  But still just feeling 'off' this after that, I decided to grab a bite to eat and cancel all plans for tonight.

Anyway, this is Photo Friday (I remembered this week!) and I am posting a couple of photos from The Choke and Babyshaker from last Saturday night.

Heath-wise:  Congestion and cough in the morning, which cleared up.  Body pain and headache this afternoon.   I am concerned about not eating much.  I have minimal appetite and when I do eat, I am quickly full or not feeling well.  This is something I need to deal with quickly!  Blah!

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