Wuggie's Birthday

This was a fun weekend.  Took it easy and just enjoyed the day on Saturday, and on Sunday, I took wuggie to the Charlotte Gun Show as part of his birthday gift.  It was his first gun show, and this was quite the show.  Multiple buildings and a huge range of weapons and people.  He told me he really enjoyed it, and he (like me) was impressed and learned a lot...  and learned that there was even more that he (and I) have no idea about.

Today was his actual birthday.  Happy Birthday wuggie!  I rested and napped today, getting ready for a potentially eventful night.

I was disappointed in the COPD Webinar I joined, but it would have been good for someone who just got diagnosed with COPD.

Tonight, Mistress LunaSea took the family out to celebrate wuggie's birthday.  Steaks at Outback and a late viewing of the Kick Ass movie.  A great time was had by all and it was a lot of fun.

Health-wise:  Good weekend, today my left eye has been watering and is pink tonight.  I'll be keeping an watch on that.  I seem to have an extra rattle in my chest tonight, something else I'll be watching.  

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