Very Late Photo Friday (Sorry Saturday?)

Today was interesting to say the least.  I got together with the household and I got my nails manicured.  Very good timing considering I broke a nail last night.

Ran by my favorite local camera store, Biggs Camera, and had a quick test done on my camera.  Good news, it seems that my wide-angle lens has the problem, not my camera.  That is a much lesser expense to have remedied.  (I'm starting to look for and price a good quality (ultra)wide-angle lens.)  For Philip's wedding, in two weeks, I decided I would rent a lens to be able to get some good shots.  This is also a way for my to test out a quality lens for posible future purchase.

Went with a friend to check on another friend who was supposed to have some medical procedures done today.  Upon getting there, we found out all the procedures got cancelled and there is no explanation as to why.  This friend has had a long battle with worker's comp to be able to get any type of treatment and is now suffering greatly because of the apparent ineptitude, and politics of a system supposed to help out the workers.

Anyways,  I was looking over photos from the past few years and really enjoyed going over the shots I took while in Ireland.  Here is one of Kylemore Abby.

Health-wise:  A good day, as usual it started with a little congestion which passed after my morning coffee.  My left leg issues seem to be lessening now that I have stopped wearing the cowboy boots and have started wearing my Doc Marten's again.  Hmmm.

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