Fun Day

Today was a lot of fun.  It started relatively early, with me grabbing a fresh pot of coffee and enjoying it while Vapour curled up in my lap.  Then a brunch with Mistress LunaSea turned into an all afternoon errand running excursion.  It was a great time and fun conversation.

That lead into spending time with the household and then helping edit some homework Mistress LunaSea had completed.  As I was preparing to leave, we all ended up playing with the new kittens.  Wow, the runt was very adorable and just loved playing with my hand and fingers.  All four kittens are just too cute for words.  I'll have to bring my camera back then and do a kitten photo shoot.

Getting home MUCH later than I had planned, I'm enjoying Stan's streaming radio show, Musical Conversation.  It is a great listen starting at 9PM (EST) and going until either the listeners (or Stan) 'drops off'...  It's not almost 1:30am and it's still going strong!

Health-wise:  Today was a great day!  Good energy, good breathing.  Just some random coughing while walking around with Mistress LunaSea which always passed quickly after a couple of coughs.

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