What is Next

Today was pretty much another pretty common day for me.  Up with the alarm and an enjoyable pot of coffee.

Ran out and grabbed a late brunch sandwich from Bruegger's Bagel.  I call it my 1000-calorie breakfast bagel.  (Double bacon, egg, cheddar cheese, regular plain cream cheese on a toasted bagel (today it was an everything bagel). )

Afterwards I ran a couple of errands, and came home.

I think I need to somehow refocus myself and try to get back on track an accomplish a number of my personal goals.  Lately I just don't seem to be able to focus on getting things done.  I'm here wondering if it is just the result of me having a lot on my mind and the overwhelming sense of change coming.

I am not in fear of the change, actually I think I'm looking forward to it, whatever it actually is.  I have no idea if it is a good or bad change coming, I just know that a change is coming and it involves me.

Health-wise:  A good day.  A little congestion when I woke up, but as usual it passed by the time I finished my coffee.  I have noticed my appetite is decreased again, and I really need to stay focused on eating, otherwise I just don't eat.  I stopped wearing my cowboy boots today just to see if the heals are affecting my knee/groin on my left leg, which is a possibility according to WebMD.

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