Learning and Headaches

Today started out relatively well as I enjoyed a good pot of coffee.  I was looking forward to today's class with John Greengo on CreativeLIVE all about exposure.  It was a great class!

After the class/webinar, I developed a serious headache.  It was bad enough that I shut down everything and took a nap to overcome the throbbing pain.

Upon waking, several hours later, I found Vapour asleep on my legs.  Apparently he decided to take a nap as well.  I got up and grabbed a light dinner.  I ended up calling a friend of mine in Ontario for a conversation tonight.  I hadn't been talking with her in quite some time.  It was great catching up with her and hearing about her new boyfriend.

Health-wise:  Light congestion today, and developed a serious headache this afternoon.  Even after the nap, I am still tired tonight.

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