Life Continues

This was a decent weekend.  I took it easy this weekend and rested and relaxed.  I got together with friends and had a bonfire for Beltane.  I also enjoyed a night of drinks with Mistress LunaSea and the household.

Good news!  I now have health coverage through Medicare!  It started on May 1!

Today I enjoyed listening to the rain and catching up on a few things on the computer.

I'm looking forward to my webinar tomorrow with Art Wolfe about The Creative Eye.  Tomorrow is the last of the three weeks Art has presented.  It has been very fascinating and inspiring.

Health-wise: Saturday, during the day I felt like I was fighting getting the flu, but after dinner it passed and I was feeling good by the time I was to leave for the bonfire.  Just a little congestion in the mornings which passes after meds and coffee.

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