Something Accomplished

Finally, today I made the decision and signed up for a Medicare plan.  After spending several weeks, and countless hours reading and comparing plans, I had narrowed it down to two plans.  Everything started to look the same for me, one a little better here, the other there.  I decided I needed to sound this off of someone who is knowledgeable of me, healthcare and is (mostly) logical.  I called home and spoke with Dad and Claudette.  That greatly helped and I made a decision.

Now, I wait until it becomes active in May. Yay!

Also, this evening I assisted Mistress LunaSea prepare and submit an application for a scholarship!  I got to see Her previous transcripts and, wow, She kicks ass when She is focused on school!  Best of luck to Her on the scholarship and achieving Her degree in Psychology.

Health-wise:  I had a good day, except for a coughing fit I went into at the end of the phone call home.  Something was 'tickling' the back of my throat and I just couldn't break it.

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