'Not The Doctor'

I had an adventure getting my hair cut (and coloured) today.  Every time I chose a colour, they could not find the right colour or dye. Wonderful!  I ended up getting a trim and a very cool violet/black colour.  I'm very happy with the results!

Afterwards I heard about a lot of 'issues' and 'concerns' from friends and the household.  I had to remind myself of the Alanis  Morissette song, "Not The Doctor".  I can't fix or save anyone other than me, and I can barely do that for myself.  I can however make myself happy, and allow others to talk/vent around me in a non-judgmental way.  I need to let them heal themselves, but I can help and just be there as best I can for them.

Health-wise:  Good day.  Left knee still a little weak, but getting a little stronger.

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